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The source for youth group lessons and sermons is Group Publishing. Here you can find all of the essential youth ministry resources. Whether looking for classic youth group Bible study lessons or a new youth ministry sermon series, we have it all. Check out our downloadable sermons for youth groups and get inspired today.

In the LIVE Message Series Base Camp, find downloadable youth group lessons that challenge teenagers to open up their lives authentically and freely to Jesus. For a youth Bible study series that helps teenagers discover what it means to be God’s people, created in his image, check out LIVE Message Series: The True You. The LIVE Message Series: The Parables features lessons for youth ministry that help bring Jesus’ parables alive for teenagers in today’s culture. Download a LIVE Message Series for fresh youth group lessons that cover the basics of our faith.

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Made (download)
By Kurt Johnston

How does God see us? Who does He want us to become? What does He hope to make us into? Scripture is full of word-pictures that give us a glimpse of how God sees He's MADE us. The key is our ability to see ourselves the same way. Junior highers are in a process, a process of becoming who God has already made them to be.
The End (download)
In this two-week sermon series, Josh Griffin bluntly, but appropriately, unpacks biblical truths about heaven and hell. We get one shot at life, and we face a vital question that will determine our destination after death: Will we choose to receive the gift of forgiveness and eternal life that's available through Jesus? If we say yes, we'll spend eternity in heaven in God's presence. If we say no, we'll spend eternity separated from God. It's that simple and that crucial.

Use this series to spark your teenagers' thoughts on what happens after death. The End will help them discover that death, in fact, really isn't the end—it's just the beginning.
Trinity (download)
When planning youth ministry sermons, it's sometimes tempting to shy away from deep theological topics. Why is there evil in our world? Why did God give Adam and Eve the choice to obey or disobey? Why does God permit boy bands to exist?

The Trinity can be a challenging topic to address, but this sermon series with Josh Griffin will help your students gain a clearer understanding of who God is——the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Scary, Gross and Weird Stories from the Bible
Bloody Tent Pegs, Disembodied Fingers, and Suicidal Pigs...the Truths Buried in the Bizzare

By Group Publishing

Some of the best stories in the Bible are also some of the most unexpected and unusual. And they're not for the faint of heart. These Bible lessons truly are sick...and totally interesting!
Surprise your teenagers with the "disgusting" truth! Each of the 13 easy-to-use lessons focuses on a relevant topic related to a scary, gross or weird Bible story and includes a challenging "Fear Factor"-like activity (like eating daring treats), a fun game and thought-provoking discussion questions that help teens uncover life application.
These peculiar & profound lessons will grab everyone's attention!
No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids 2
Give preteens a firm faith foundation–and have fun too!

Short on attention span, but long on energy and enthusiasm, preteens present one of the most challenging–yet most rewarding–ministries in the church. Meet the challenge with confidence and enjoy ministering to your preteens like never before with No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids 2!
Untouchables (download)
By Doug Fields

Four weeks of youth ministry programming in one download!
With the Untouchables Super-Series you get everything you need to put together an entire four-week student-message series. You get the audio (mp3s) for each message plus Doug'’s commentary on the series. Also, you'll get all of the programming and promotional elements for the series that were used in the student ministry at Saddleback Church. This includes everything from PowerPoint games to promotional graphics.

This powerful and life-changing teaching series is now available as one of our popular Super-Series. Untouchables is a four-week series that tackles the tough topics of homosexuality, death, disability, and prejudice. Untouchables answers the questions students are asking, raises the bar for authenticity and provides a model for empowering volunteer leadership to express their teaching gifts and life experiences. Your ministry may never be the same.
Developing HABITS (download)
By Doug Fields

Helping your students develop healthy habits for long-term, independent spiritual growth is the name of the game here. The HABITS Super-Series will bring them into the Word of God and give them tools to keep developing their faith, even after they've left your ministry. The HABITS sermon series outlines six spiritual disciplines for all believers, young and old: hang out time with God, accountability with another believer, Bible memorization, involvement with the church body, tithing and scripture study.

Lessons include:
  • Week 1: Hang Time with God
  • Week 2: Accountability
  • Week 3: Planting God's Word in Your Life
  • Week 4: Involving Yourself in the Church
  • Week 5: Money, Tithing, God and Me
  • Week 6: Studying Scripture

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    Power of Sex (download)
    By Doug Fields

    This series tackles the difficult and often misrepresented topic of sex. Doug explores not just how students are assaulted by sexual messages, but how the choices they make will shape their entire lives. While this series addresses the consequences of bad decisions, it is focused around encouraging and teaching students how to make the right decisions - and offering the forgiveness of an almighty God when things don't go as planned.
    I Used to Rule the World (download)
    By Jeff Maguire

    Before Jesus was born, people could try to claim some sort of ownership of the world. But with His life, death and resurrection, the rules changed--Jesus powerfully showed God's plan for humanity. As believers, it's up to us to adjust to His rules to live a Christ-like life.

    This three-week sermon series is a great lead-up to Christmas, but can be used at any time through the year. Students will uncover the meanings behind some of Jesus' most powerful metaphors as they model their lives after the true Ruler of the world.
    All Out War (download)
    By Doug Fields

    Every day your students are under attack from a culture that dismisses the idea of truth and mocks a serious faith in Christ. With spiritual warfare being a very real, but often times neglected, issue with our faith, the need to defend our hearts and our faith become extremely important.

    In Ephesians 6, Paul wrote about the Armor of God, key parts of a healthy spiritual life that will protect your students from temptation, misinformation, and disillusionment. All Out War is a six-week Super Series packed with all the resources you need to help your student quickly and easily dig in to the Armor of God.

    6 Lessons:
    • Week 1-The Belt of Truth
    • Week 2-The Breastplate of Righteousness
    • Week 3-Shoes of Peace
    • Week 4-Shield of Faith
    • Week 5-Helmet of Salvation
    • Week 6-Sword of the Spirit
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    How Not to Get Caught (download)
    By Doug Fields

    This is a 4 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 4 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

    Students face temptation every day. Whether it's sex, drugs, partying, smoking, bad language, cheating, or whatever their particular weakness is, temptation is an unavoidable reality of life. However, you can use this 4-week series to show them that temptation itself is not the problem; it's their response to it that can either drag them down or build their character. Use this series to equip them with the tools they'll need to face their temptations and come out stronger for it.
    Good Sex (download)
    By Doug Fields

    This is a 5 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 5 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

    We live in a sex saturated society. It's not how it used to be, Ricky and Lucy sleeping in separate beds, clothed from head to toe. The world, specifically media has blown sex up so big that your students have no idea that there are any standards, no idea that there are any consequences with sex. Our youth of today desperately need to hear that there are consequences, that sex was God's idea, and He created it to be beautiful. Teach this message at least once a year, and relationships in your ministry will be different.

    These youth group Bible lessons and sermons will lead your students closer to Jesus.

    You don’t want to miss the youth group lessons in the LIVE Message Series: Many Parts, One Body. Packed with important lessons for youth ministry, this four-week message series helps teenagers discover their spiritual gifts. Then, download the LIVE Message Series: The Unit for a four-week youth sermon series that speaks to teenagers regarding their role in unifying the body of Christ. For sermons for youth groups craving more of Jesus, download Thirsty, a 3-week series that invites students to consider just how thirsty their soul may be and offers biblical solutions to help quench that spiritual thirst. Another downloadable option packed with Bible lessons for youth ministry is The Red Stuff Sermon Series, which focuses on the powerful words of Jesus.

    Check out the conversational, experiential youth group lessons that reveal the heart of Jesus in 13 Essential Lessons From the New Testament. Or for youth Bible study lessons on the Old Testament, try 13 Essential Lessons From the Old Testament. For powerful lessons for youth ministry that cover the most important truths in the Bible, pick up The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers. These youth ministry lessons can be easily adapted for Sunday school, a confirmation setting, or even a youth discipleship group.

    We have youth group lessons just for junior high students and middle schoolers. For a three-part youth Bible study series that helps junior high students become who God has already made them to be, download Made. For a youth Bible study series that is unique and highly interesting to middle schoolers, we have Scary, Gross and Weird Stories From the Bible. And for preteens, check out the active-learning, attention-grabbing youth ministry lessons in No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids.

    Looking for youth group lessons to take your students deeper? Rooted: Old Testament will equip your students to examine the pages of Scripture with greater insight and clarity. Want lessons for youth ministry that focus on God? Download Trinity for a youth sermon series on who God is—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And Developing HABITS offers downloadable youth ministry lessons that outline six spiritual disciplines for all believers, young and old. Group has the youth group Bible lessons and sermons you need, plus all of the other youth ministry resources you want.

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