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The Secret to Discipling Teenagers is Jesus

The relationship students develop with Jesus during their teenage years will shape the rest of their lives, which is why your job as a youth pastor is so important. This small-group curriculum will help students encounter Jesus every week and influence a future generation of leaders whose passion for Jesus will transform others from the inside out.

LIVE Curriculum helps you disciple teenagers by immersing them in who matters most: Jesus.

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  • Student-led discovery vs leader talking exclusively

    Result: Teenagers develop personal beliefs that stand up to pressure
  • Intimate vs following spiritual formulas

    Result: Teenagers follow Jesus because they’re captured by his heart
  • Teenagers talking vs lecture-style

    Result: Teenagers share doubts and questions that ultimately strengthen their faith
  • Knowing Jesus vs knowing about Jesus

    Result: Teenagers see Jesus as a friend, not a distant authority to obey
  • Conversational vs big production

    Result: Teenagers get to know each other and practice discipling together
Get free samples of LIVE
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Curriculum At-A-Glance

  • Digital downloadable youth ministry curriculum

  • Grade-level options start at 5th grade through college

  • Topical and themed options also available

LIVE Youth Ministry Curriculum

When you buy LIVE you get:

  • Editable leader guide and student handouts for every lesson (PDF and Word files)
  • One-year access to LIVE’s online management tool

Bonus Daily Texting App:

LIVE Daily App

LIVE’s most popular curriculum lines also include the LIVE Daily student app which helps the lessons stick!

How LIVE Immerses Teenagers In Jesus’ Heart

Repeat all year, 5th grade through college

Result: Jesus-centered young adults grounded in faith, changing the world, and making disciples


The Online Management Tool that Helps You...

  • Customize your lessons

    Freedom from the pressure and time to create youth ministry lessons from scratch, but lets you shape your weekly lessons based on what God’s putting on your heart for your students. try it

  • Coordinate & schedule daily student messages

    Easily queue the LIVE DAILY messages to run automatically through the week based on the timing of your lessons. try it

  • Chart a holistic yearly plan based on your vision

    Intentionally guide students through the year by using the master calendar to plan your events, retreats, missions, sermons, and discipleship programs ahead of time. try it

  • Build an equipped & empowered team

    Surround teenagers with energized, committed volunteers that you’ve equipped with everything they need to teach, mentor, host, and lead. try it

Watch LIVE’s Online Management Tool in Action

LIVE’s Online Management Tool helps you get organized, lead your team, plan your year, and manage your lessons.

LIVE Curriculum Options

Each curriculum purchase includes a year's access to LIVE online, which delivers curriculum and helps you manage your leaders. $110 value

Programs that have the app icon are compatible with the LIVE DAILY app.

LIVE High School Currcilum

LIVE High School

144 lessons that speak into students' lives amid all the other voices and help them place Jesus at the center of everything. Graphics Pack Now Included for FREE!

LIVE Junior High Currcilum

LIVE Junior High

72 lessons to engage students in powerful conversations, Scripture exploration, and the development of healthy faith habits.

LIVE High School/Junior High Bundle

LIVE High School/Junior High Bundle

Combining the best-selling LIVE High School and Junior High lines, the LIVE Bundle provides you six years of curriculum (216 lessons) that will help grow teenagers’ faith, while immersing them in the heart of Jesus.

LIVE Back To School Currcilum

LIVE Back To School

During this 4-week series, students will identify ways they can make a difference at school this year, plus discover a strategy to help them hold steady when life’s waters get stormy.

LIVE 5th & 6th Grade Currcilum

LIVE 5th & 6th Grade

72 Bible-saturated, Jesus-centered lessons to help preteens make the transition from Sunday School to Youth Group.

LIVE Books of the Bible Currcilum

LIVE Books of the Bible

73 lessons that give teenagers a strong biblical foundation.

LIVE Year with Jesus

LIVE Year with Jesus

36 Bible-saturated, Jesus-centered lessons to help preteens make the transition from Sunday School to Youth Group.

LIVE Apologetics Currcilum

LIVE Apologetics

17 lessons that equip teenagers to understand, explain, and defend their faith.

LIVE My New Life with Jesus Currcilum

LIVE My New Life with Jesus

8 lessons to help teenagers understand the heart of Jesus and his role in their life.

LIVE College Currcilum

LIVE College

72 lessons that help 18- to 20-somethings embrace an authentic faith of their own and gain independence in the real world.

LIVE Jesus-Centered Life Currcilum

LIVE Jesus-Centered Life

6 lessons that focus on pursuing the heart of Jesus, not just his recipes.

LIVE Holiday Currcilum

LIVE Holiday

18 lessons paired with important truths for every season.

LIVE Leadership Currcilum

LIVE Leadership

60 lessons to help teenagers build a solid, biblical foundation of leadership. Great for students who want to take on more responsibility in ministry.

LIVE Journey to Freedom

LIVE Journey to Freedom

36 lessons that tackle some of the toughest issues teens face today.

LIVE Urban Currcilum

LIVE Urban

16 lessons for ministries with diverse backgrounds and needs.

LIVE Simply Truth Curriculum

LIVE Simple Truth

36 Lessons that will empower your students to explore life-shaping, thought-provoking, Jesus-centered truths that will transform them into the people God crafted them to be.