What if Jesus could teach your kids?

He can...through you!

Jesus was the master at using creative objects—like coins, fish, and lilies—to connect eternal truths to everyday life.

With Hands-On Bible Curriculum, kids experience the same powerful connections between Scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses. The Bible comes alive!

Kids remember God's Word for a lifetime
girls with sunday school curriculum object lesson

The Hands-On Bible Curriculum Impact

I love when we do an activity and the kids say something about how it connects to the topic we have been studying. It makes me realize that they are looking for and making connections that they will take into their own circumstances.

The Gizmogizmos

Creative Gizmos Help Your Volunteers Teach Like Jesus

What’s a gizmo, you might ask? Gizmos are fun, interesting objects that help kids discover God’s truths in unforgettable ways.

They help kids retain 90% of what they’re taught! Kids will remember what they learned weeks, months, and years later because they truly experienced the lesson!

Kids Understand God's Word, Love it, and Remember it for a Lifetime

Hands-On Bible Curriculum is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for toddlers through 6th graders. The two-year scope & sequence guides kids through the Bible, as they learn and understand biblical truths and develop a deeper, thriving relationship with Jesus.

Hands-On Bible Curriculum at a Glance

  • 6 Age Levels: Toddlers - Grade 6
  • Format: Classroom Setting
  • Scope & Sequence: 2 Years (download)
  • Length: 30-60 Minutes
  • Express Order Forms: Yes ?
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Kids don’t just hear God’s Word—they experience it!

In addition to gizmos, you’ll use unique games, snacks, and crafts to help kids learn about God. Kids retain more by interacting with a lesson instead of just hearing it. Discovering the Bible will be a fun, hands-on experience that gets kids excited about Sunday school.

Typical lesson format:

Boy Holding Gizmo

Why churches love using Hands-On Bible Curriculum:

Learning Labs

Learning Labs

Six age levels (Toddler–Grade 6) receive their own Learning Lab, which includes:

Captivating Gizmos

Jesus taught using everyday objects, and you can, too! Gizmos help kids experience God’s Word. They stay attentive. Engaged. Involved.

Music and Sound Effects CD
Music and Sound Effects CD

Great music and sound effects are interwoven throughout each lesson!

Teacher Guide
Easy Teacher Guides

Your volunteers will find everything they need to prepare each lesson in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step teacher guide.

Plus, every lesson includes:

Jesus Connect
The Jesus Connect

You’ll find a Jesus Connection in every lesson! This helps kids make the connection between the Bible story and Jesus, whether you’re exploring the Old or New Testament!

Hands-On Fun at Home
Hands-On Fun at Home

Fun, reproducible take-home pages give parents engaging family activities that reinforce the Bible truths their kids are learning in Sunday school.

Digital Lesson Content

Downloadable files makes it easy to customize and distribute lesson content.

PDFs of Director materials and Teacher Guides

Receive a unique access code with each Hands-On Bible Curriculum Learning Lab

Quickly email documents to teachers or substitutes

Give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content

View lessons on your phone or tablet

You get free access to the Digtal Download Center with the purchase of your quarterly Learning Labs.

Companion Resources

Preschool puppets bring lessons to life!

Meet Whiskers, Pockets, and Cuddles! These adorable friends are teaching assistants for your Hands-on Bible Curriculum preschoolers! These soft, furry puppets will be the hit of your room. Hands-On Bible Curriculum includes the skits and songs that include this cuddly crew!

Experience the fun and live the truth with the Hands-On Bible!

This best-selling Bible for kids contains hundreds of fun, memorable activities and the full New Living Translation text. The Hands-On Bible is packed with activities and experiences that invite kids to crawl inside the Scriptures and “do” God’s Word! The perfect companion for Hands-On Bible Curriculum.

Memorable Songs & Dramatic Audio Enrich Every Lesson

Powerful music, audio dramas, and sound effects deepen the emotional impact of lessons for toddlers through elementary age levels of Hands-On Bible Curriculum.

Hands-On Bible Curriculum Kits

Choosing Hands-On Bible Curriculum is Easy!

Everything you need!

starting at $123.99

Hands-On Bible Curriculum requires a Learning Lab for each age-graded classroom. Each Learning Lab includes one Teacher Guide (with activation code for free digital copies) and all the gizmos, music CDs, and special supplies for each lesson’s hands-on activities. Other basic classroom supplies are needed but not included. Additional Teacher Guides and music and sound effect CDs are also available for purchase.

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