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Introducing Following Jesus

A new curriculum from Vibrant Faith Ministries

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Research shows that... Youth are done with merely hearing about Jesus in talks or sermons, or reading about Jesus in devotions. They want to:

  • Encounter Jesus—to know him for who he really is.
  • Experience Jesus’ love—not just admire him.
  • Become a follower—not just a fan.
  • Love others—the way Jesus does.

Ultimately, they want to live a Jesus-centered life.

Following Jesus is about creating rich environments for youth to practice and live out this Jesus-centered life.

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What Is Following Jesus

Following Jesus is a new youth curriculum from Vibrant Faith & Rick Lawrence

Following Jesus is a participant-centered curriculum, drawn from Rick's own home-based ministry to youth, young adults, and adults.

In contrast to the conventional leader-focused, user-consumption model, Following Jesus, a new curriculum from Vibrant Faith, is an all-new experience-based approach to youth group curriculum. It offers leaders and youth...

  • An approach to faith formation and discipleship that is highly engaging, fluid, and deep.
  • Curriculum that is participant-centered rather than leader-centered.
  • Active and interactive experiences that lead youth right to the heart of Jesus, where they can “taste and see” his goodness directly, rather than secondhand.

Rick has curated 40 of the best interactive experiences he’s developed over the last eight years, making Following Jesus the ultimate resource to guide you and your youth ministry to:

  • Encounter the love Jesus has for doubters, skeptics, and believers.
  • Learn how weakness and fear can help you know the heart of Jesus for you.
  • Think about the world the way Jesus does and lean into the events we commonly experience with a different kind of understanding and love.
  • Approach relationships the way that Jesus does—vertically and horizontally.
  • Impact real-life relationships and the surrounding community with a new sense of purpose that’s rooted in a Jesus-centered life.
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What You'll Get

Explore what you get with Following Jesus curriculum!

You can purchase this all-new series from Vibrant Faith by Lesson Series or as the full 40-lesson curriculum.

When you purchase Following Jesus in either format, you'll receive:

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A comprehensive User Guide (for either youth or adult ministry, or for mixed-age groups).

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An editable Leader Guide & Participant Handout for each lesson, which you can customize if needed.

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An editable PowerPoint slide deck per lesson that includes embedded video segments.

Here are the 8 options you can choose from:

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Full Lesson Pack

Full 40 Lesson Pack

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Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Doubts and Fears

4 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Foundations

6 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Hard Things and My6steries

6 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Jesus in the Real World

6 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Love. Relationships. Community.

6 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Seasons

5 Lessons Included

Following Jesus Youth Curriculum The Ways of Jesus

7 Lessons Included

About The Author

Rick Lawrence

Rick Lawrence - Following Jesus Youth Curriculum Author

Rick Lawrence is the Executive Director of Vibrant Faith, publisher of Following Jesus. Rick is also the General Editor of Group’s bestselling Jesus-Centered Bible and author of 40 books and curriculums, including The God Who Fights For You and many Group books including The Jesus-Centered Life and the Jesus-Centered Daily. He was also the longtime Editor of Group Magazine.

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