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How it Works

Eat snack. Write message. Hit send.

Simply Text is an online texting software designed to help you get messages out to large groups all at once.

This easy-to-use tool can help you keep your entire congregation, youth groups, parents, volunteers, (and more!) up-to-date with a clickety clack and a press of the button. Cool—right?

Simply add your contacts into your account, organize into groups, type your message, and send. It’s that simple. Give it a try for free to find out!

(Awesome) Features

It’s not just texting…it’s effective, no hassle communication.

  • Text or email directly from the tool—or do both. The choice is yours.
  • Want to text parents only? teenagers only? volunteers only? (…you get it) – Create groups and subgroups to send the right message to the right people.
  • To have responses sent directly to your mobile device, simply turn on reply forwarding.
  • No more annoying group text responses (aka: no more text alerts by the dozen)! When someone responds to your message—they don’t go to the entire group. Phew!
  • For added power—connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to tweet your message or add to your Facebook wall.
  • Add keywords so individuals can text your keyword to join instantly. ($10/month/keyword)

Try Simply Text FREE for 7 days. Includes 100 free messages.


Affordable pricing that works for you.

Pick the plan that works for your size—you’re in the driver’s seat. Upgrade at any time.

up to 100 messages
$0.10/message over
up to 500 messages
$0.04/message over
up to 1000 messages
$0.039/message over
up to 2500 messages
$0.0276/message over
up to 5000 messages
$0.0258/message over
For high-volume texting, email, or call 800-975-4006 for special rates.
  • All plans include unlimited contacts.
  • Keywords are $10/keyword/month.
  • No contracts. Billed monthly based on usage.
  • If you go over your monthly message allowance, you will be charged the per-message price for your plan.

Try Simply Text FREE for 7 days. Includes 100 free messages.


Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you send a text to 10 people, that would be considered 10 messages. Easy math!

Besides being way easier to manage contacts and groups—replies back don’t go to the entire texting group. That’s annoying—don’t you agree? Oh, and no need to give out your personal phone number. Bonus: no prank calls at 2 a.m.! (Youth leaders…you know what we’re talkin’ ’bout.)

Nope – just simple texting. Who needs another app on their phone anyway? (But the online site is mobile responsive.)

But of course you can! This wouldn’t be called “Simply” Text if you couldn’t.

Once you have added a contact to your account and checked the “on” box to receive text messages, they will receive a message on their phone. All they need to do is follow the instructions they receive and reply “yes” to the message. If they do not reply “yes,” they will not receive messages until they do.

No, this isn’t Snapchat. All sent and received messages are permanently archived, protecting your text history—and you!

Have another question? Email us or click on “chat” in the lower right corner of your screen. We will respond during normal business hours M-F. You can also access our help center here.

Try Simply Text FREE for 7 days. Includes 100 free messages.