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Gift Registry Overview

Gift registries aren’t just for weddings and babies anymore! With Group's ALL-NEW Gift Registry, you can create gift lists for things like VBS, Sunday school, youth ministry, and more.

Group's Gift Registry...

  • Gives you the ability to create as many unique gift lists of items as you need for your church event or project.
  • Provides ultimate flexibility by allowing you to use the donated funds in the best way you see fit.
  • Empowers your church family and potential gift purchasers to donate their resources when they might not be able to donate their time.
  • Allows your church or organization to create fuller, more enriching experiences by enhancing your current budget.
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How the Gift Registry Works

Group's Gift Registry is a gift certificate–based registry. Here's what that means.

A gift-certificate registry simply means that 100% of the transactions made on any Gift List are stored in a general monetary fund on your Group's Gift Registry Account (powered by These funds can then be converted into a gift certificate to use on or when placing an order over the phone when you're ready.

Why a gift certificate? Because we know ordering resources for ministry can sometimes be a moving target. By converting the funds into a gift certificate, you have the ultimate flexibility in deciding how to use your funds when it comes time to purchase your resources.

Purchase is made on gift registry icon

A purchase is made on one of your shared gift lists.

Value of purchase is stored in a fund icon

The value of the purchase is stored in a fund.

Generate a gift certificate when ready icon

You generate a gift certificate from available funds.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Create Account

Set up a Group's Gift Registry account (powered by If you’re a church or organization, we recommend creating just one account and sharing the login with your team.

Build Gift Lists Icon

Step 2

Build Gift Lists

Once your account is created, build Gift Lists for different projects and events. Each Gift List includes a unique, easy-to-share link you can give out to your church family or organization.

Gather Donations Icon

Step 3

Gather Donations

Members of your church family or organization may choose to donate to a general gift fund or select specific products to give money toward. 100% of the tax free transactions made on any gift list are stored in a fund on your Group's Gift Registry Account (powered by

Generate Gift Certificates Icon

Step 4

Generate Gift Certificate

Once you’re ready to purchase your items, you’ll generate a digital gift certificate through your account that can be used to make purchases either on or by phone at 1-800-447-1070.

Not Available to Canadian Customers

Group's Gift Registry is not currently available to Canadian customers.