What is Lifetree Café?

Setting the Table for Deep Conversations

Lifetree Café is an hour-long, interactive video experience featuring real people’s real stories, biblical insights, and plenty of time for deep conversation.

Each Lifetree Café program is built to naturally lead your group into discussions about the topics and issues they face in everyday life, all while revealing important truths about God. By creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll produce the fertile soil needed to guide your people into the meaningful spiritual conversations they crave.

Perfect for Outreach, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Youth Groups, and Adult Sunday School.

Lifetree Cafe Attendee

What to Expect?

Baked Into Each Interactive Program

Real Stories at Lifetre Cafe

Real Stories

People’s true-life, incredible stories shared on film, in their own words.

Relationships at Lifetre Cafe

Relationship Building

Befriending questions created to prime the pump for conversation and help your group discover more about each other.

Spiritual Growth at Lifetre Cafe

Spiritual Growth

Deep, discussion-producing questions built for you to wrestle with as a small or large group.

God's Truth at Lifetre Cafe

God’s Truth

Scripture, prayer, and biblical insight designed to reveal God’s heart.

Lifetree Café Gathering

What’s Included?

It Starts With a Simple Download

With each Lifetree Café program download, you’ll receive:

Video File

An mp4 video file for the 60‑minute experience

Leader Script

A PDF leader script created to guide the experience

Customizable Handouts

Customizable participant handouts

Promotional Content

Promotional content to help spread the word

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52 Programs to Choose From

From prayer and faith to self-image and conspiracy theories and everything in between, Lifetree Café provides you with the tools and topics that will guide your group into deep, meaningful faith conversations.

See a sample of our most popular topics below: