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It’s church…
just for kids!


Kids experience God through dynamic Bible learning and engaging worship

KidsOwn Worship® helps you create a fun and powerful children’s church experience. It’s perfect for churches that have everyone together (preschool – 6th grade) in one room. You’ll also enjoy flexible options to fit varying times, group sizes, and age levels. With KidsOwn Worship, you’ll help kids learn to experience God through a weekly Bible Point, fun activities, and engaging worship.

Any number of kids, any amount of time—it works!

Whether you’ve got five kids or five hundred, KidsOwn Worship fits your children’s church program. You’ll be ready to lead an engaging time of worship no matter how many kids show up.

Kids grow in their relationship with Jesus

Prayer, praise and worship all tie into the weekly Bible passage. Creative lessons and crafts keep kids engaged, and music teaches Scripture—all with life-changing results.

Volunteer friendly—music skills optional

Even if you can’t carry a tune, you can still lead kids in praise and worship. Friendly options such as Sing & Praise DVDs make praise and worship feasible for anyone—regardless of musical ability.

Customer Testimonial

“I love that the lessons are easy for teachers to prepare and that there are a variety of application ideas to reinforce each lesson. Kids love that they can participate and do not have to sit still the whole time!”

Bible Content

A complete worship service—just for kids

KidsOwn Worship children’s church follows the same 3-year scope and sequence as FaithWeaver NOW® Sunday school and FaithWeaver Friends® outreach program. Churches that use these together will reinforce the same weekly Bible passage in a fun new way! KidsOwn Worship can also be used independently for a powerful children’s church experience.

1 Age Level:
Preschool-Grade 6

Scope and Sequence:
3 years

Children's Church

30-60 minutes

download scope & sequence download sample pak

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Overview Video

Get an inside look at KidsOwn Worship

How It Works

Touching the heart of God, changing the hearts of children

Preschoolers and elementary children in harmony in the same room? Kids praising God in their own way? Lessons kids actually remember? KidsOwn Worship does all this and more.

Here's how
a typical lesson looks:

KidsOwn Worship lesson chart showing the step-by-step flow of a KidsOwn Worship Sunday School session: #1 Let’s Praise God! (up to 25 min): Kids are welcomed and encouraged to praise God through fun worship songs and thought-provoking activities. #2 Let’s Learn the Point! (up to 25 min): Each week’s activities reinforce the same Bible Point. Separate activities for preschoolers. Different sets of lessons and activities are provided for Preschool and Elementary age groups. #3 Let’s Pray! (up to 10 min): All ages come back together for a prayer activity, offering, and a closing wrap-up prayer. Optional Preschool Skit: Theo, the cuddly Labrador Retriever puppet, helps introduce little ones to the worship theme.


The KidsOwn Worship difference

It’s simple: Kids praise God. Kids learn the Bible Point. And kids pray. Every week. All you need is one quarterly kit and you’re all ready to help children grow closer to Jesus.

Here are a few more reasons
you'll love KidsOwn Worship:

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All-in-One Kit

Stretch your ministry budget even further with this all-in-one kit that includes a ton of worship and Bible-learning activity options.

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Music & Lesson Video DVD

Anyone can lead meaningful praise and worship and engaging lessons with an easy-to-use, all-in-one DVD! Includes music videos and quick lesson videos that teach big lessons.

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Movie Files

If you use presenatation software during worship, order a USB drive containing .MOV files! Easily drop files into ProPresenter, MediaShout, or your favorite presentation software.

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Audio Files

If you prefer audio worship, audio files are available for download through the Digital Download Cetner when you purchase a KidsOwn Worship Kit!

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Preschool Options

Each lesson includes age-appropriate options for your preschoolers. Your little ones will love interacting with Theo the FaithRetriever puppet (sold separately) during the weekly puppet skit.

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You’ll cement Bible learning through interactive activities and fun gizmos. Kids will stay engaged as they experience each lesson in a hands-on way.

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Downloadable files make it easy to customize and distribute lesson content

PDFs of Teacher Guides, Preschool Skits, and Song Lyrics

Quickly email documents to teachers or substitutes.

Give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content.

View lessons on your phone or tablet.

You get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of your quarterly kit.

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Memorable songs, sing-along music videos, and video dramas enrich every lesson

Lead worship with kid-friendly music videos that feature on-screen lyrics and motions, then use discussion-starter videos to engage kids in the weekly lesson topic.

Here are some examples
the music and teaching
videos you'll find inside:

His Great Love Video Thumbnail

Sample Music Video

Each quarter, the KidsOwn Worship Sing & Praise DVD gives you a variety of memorable tunes to lead kids into worship and help them hide God’s Word in their hearts. The DVD includes on-screen lyrics.

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CD Cover

Sample Music

You’ll find even more great music on the Songs from FaithWeaver CD-ROM. Pop this disc into your computer to access PowerPoint presentation slides and printable lyrics.

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Learning Video Sample

Sample Teaching Video

Each KidsOwn Worship kit includes a Skits & Drama DVD with 2- to 5-minute interactive segments that engage kids’ imagination and spark conversations about the weekly Bible topic.

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Deeper Bible learning with FaithWeaver companion programs.

You can provide even more impact when you use KidsOwn Worship alongside Group’s FaithWeaver NOW Sunday school and FaithWeaver Friends outreach program. All three follow the same scope and sequence.

Use together or individually

download companion scope & sequence

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FaithWeaver Now Box

Sunday School

The scope and sequence for FaithWeaver NOW matches perfectly with KidsOwn Worship children’s church and the FaithWeaver Friends outreach program.

FaithWeaver NOW details
KidsOwn Worship Box

Children's Church

It’s simple: Kids praise God. Kids learn the Bible Point. And kids pray. Every week. Whether you have five kids or five hundred, KidsOwn Worship fits your kids’ church program.

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Choosing KidsOwn Worship is Easy!

KidsOwn Worship also includes a free editable digital version of every teacher guide with each purchase. Microsoft Word and PDF versions are provided in an easy-to-use online tool—making it easy to customize your lessons and email them to your teachers each week.

KidsOwn Worship Product Box

Everything you need
starting at $147.49*

The all-in-one KidsOwn Worship Kit makes it a snap to lead a fun and faith-filled children’s church program. Each quarterly kit includes 13 engaging, flexible sessions for both preschool and elementary kids—all the music, video, and interactive teaching tools you’ll need. Additional Leader Guides, music CDs, and DVDs are also available.
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