Photo: church members of every generation participate in a colorful Easter celebration together
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Seasonal Events

We’ve got you covered—YEAR ‘ROUND

Watch your ministry GROW with Group’s easy and engaging Seasonal Events.

From Easter, to VBS season, through Fall and Christmas…you’ll keep kids, their families, and your community coming back—and see their love for Jesus grow!

Research shows families are most open to connecting with your church during these key holiday times. With fresh 1- to 2-hour options for each holiday, along with 4 VBS programs, you’ll be sure to find programs that fit your ministry and budget.

Ready to try something new? No matter the size of your church, you can have WOW results! Each program is field-tested, easy-to-do, easy on leaders and volunteers, and packed with fun!

Maximize your efforts during these busy times of the year –and get started today!



Whether it’s a humorous instant play, or a sensory-rich Christmas adventure back to Bethlehem, it’ll fill them with more joy than you could pack in a million stockings.

Spring Leaves


Discover Jesus’ present-day power through activities that let families see, hear, smell, taste, and touch his resurrection.