Event Overview

Where families experience Jesus’ miraculous love!

During this 1- to 2-hour interactive event, families are transported back in time to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As they travel through the Bethlehem Marketplace, they’ll share in authentic, multisensory experiences and discover the miraculous impact of Jesus’ birth—and life!

The Miracle of Jesus is...

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How it Works

Families create lasting memories at each station!

Families gather together at the Stable for a 15-minute program, then stroll through the interesting shoppes and sites in Bethlehem in any order, meeting friends of Jesus along the way who share amazing details about his birth and life.

Miracle of Jesus Rotation Chart

Stations Include:

The Stable

Everyone starts together and participates in a 20-minute mini-drama to discover the true miracle of Christmas.

The Stable

Bethlehem Bakery

Families make tasty treats and discover how Jesus fed thousands using just a few loaves of bread and fish!

Bethlehem Bakery

Fisher’s Pier

Families catch and customize fish and hear how Jesus made the ultimate catch of the day!

Fisher’s Pier

Spice Shoppe

Families prepare their own frankincense-filled Keepsake Spice Bottles and discover how wise men brought spices for the baby King.

Spice Shoppe

Toy Shoppe

Families experience what it’s like to be a child in ancient Bethlehem. They’ll use Air-Dry Clay to make toys, then play a game as they hear how Jesus saved the life of a child who had died.

Toy Shoppe

Wool Trader

A friendly shepherd will help family members use wool yarn and paint to decorate their very own Miracle of Jesus Ornaments! Families will discover why some people call Jesus “The Lamb of God.”

Wool Trader

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Immerse families in the Bible-times town of Bethlehem!

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