Event Overview

Guide families on an Easter journey they’ll never forget!

Journey to the Cross is a powerfully moving, multisensory family event that takes people along the path that Jesus walked during his last days on earth. Activities focused on Jesus’ love and forgiveness demonstrate the real meaning of Easter: our risen Christ ‘s victory over death! Designed specifically for parents and their children to experience together, this event teaches about the life-changing message of the cross in a way that everyone can understand, and no one will forget.

Journey to the Cross is…

  • Easy for you—and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this 2-hour outreach event is in one convenient kit.
  • So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really…it happened at our field test!)
  • A great way to reach your community.
  • Perfect for any size church!

How it Works

A step-by-step journey with Jesus!

Families will travel through 8 surprising and engaging stations and discover the joy, sorrow, and incredible grace of God together.

Stations Include:

The Journey Begins

Welcome families and give instructions on how to begin Journey to the Cross.

Journey Snapshots

Families strike a pose in front of the Journey to the Cross pathway for a keepsake snapshot you can send in the Follow-Up Foto Frame.

Jesus Is Coming!

Families join the crowd of people who’ve gathered excitedly to catch a glimpse of Jesus as he enters Jerusalem.

Jesus Loves Me!

Families reflect on why Jesus came to be with us, help us, and love us. Jesus left heaven to be with us. They’ll enter into darkness and contemplate the effect our sins have in our lives.

Jesus Shows Us What God Is Like

Families experience the power of Jesus’ words and discover who our Savior is as Jesus tells who he is and why he has come.

Jesus Suffered for Us

Families experience the power of the eternal gift Jesus gave to us, a sacrifice that only he could make. Jesus paid the price for all our sins. They’ll discover how Jesus washed away our sins.

Jesus is Alive

Families experience the joy of grace, forgiveness, and eternal life. Jesus defeated death and gave us eternal life!

Preschool Passage

In Preschool Passage, little ones will experience four interactive and fun activities that help them learn more about Jesus, his love for us, and what happened at Easter while their families travel through the stations of Journey to the Cross.

The Journey Café

Kids and families simply pause, snack, and chat with volunteers who intentionally strike up conversations. It’s a great place to build friendships and share information about your church family.

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Journey to the Cross Easter Event Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan a fun-filled and reflective Easter outreach event. This kit includes fun samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow guides for the director, set-up & decorating, outreach, and leading the experiences at each of the stations.

Plus, you’ll find ideas on how to get families from your community to attend—and have them return after your event.

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