Sermons & Devotions For Kids

With sermons for kids, you can help bring children closer to God. Children’s sermons created just for kids use language kids understand. Using devotions for kids, you can teach meaningful lessons on Bible-based topics like discipleship, servanthood, stewardship and more. Use kids’ devotions to encourage children to explore their faith and praise God. With a variety of sermon ideas for early and upper elementary, you'll find a message for nearly every occasion.

You’ll enjoy sharing sermons for kids, telling Bible stories in a new and fresh way. These books of children’s sermons cover a range of topics, from faith and kindness to thankfulness and teamwork. Using devotions for kids, you can teach Christian values that are used in everyday life. Kids’ devotions and sermons are essential for teaching children God’s Word and how to live like Jesus.

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6-Minute Messages For Children
Bring children closer to God—with a whole year's worth of Bible-based sermons just for them.

Each of these fun, active-learning messages takes only minutes to prepare. Use them to create unforgettable children's moments in Sunday worship...or at camps, retreats, and other special events.
Quick Children's Sermons: Will My Dog Be in Heaven?
Kids ask the most amazing questions -- and now you'll be ready to answer 50 of the toughest ones! Here are the questions kids really want answered -- the everyday stuff they think about as they discover who God is and struggle to make sense of a confusing, overwhelming world. You'll find intriguing questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, and life in general.
Amazing Science Devotions for Children's Ministry
Science lessons used to reveal the wonders of God. Use everyday observations like popping corn and rainbows to connect kids with God's wonderful world. These lessons can be used anywhere -- children's sermons, Sunday school, midweek programs, clubs -- to give kids' faith a boost and help them learn about God!
5-Minute Messages for Children
Captivate and Challenge young listeners with 52 Bible-based messages...

Bring children closer to God—with faith-building sermons just for them. Each creative message uses language kids readily understand—so you'll teach meaningful lessons on Bible-based topics.
The Giant Book of Children's Messages
This jam-packed, chock-full book of more than 100 children's messages will fill your ministry with giant-sized learning and laughter! With a variety of children's messages for younger and older kids, you'll find the perfect message for every occasion!
Snip & Tell Bible Stories
Your children will watch in awe as Bible stories literally unfold before their very eyes. Each Bible story has a pattern for you to fold and cut as you tell the story.

Discussion questions about the story allow you to get the children involved--by having younger children help tell the story if they know it--or having older children help cut and fold the patterns.
The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: Devotions (pdf download)
You pour out so much of yourself into children's ministry—so it just makes sense that you need to be re-fueled now and then, too. And the 100+ devotions you'll find in this book will revitalize and rejuvenate you and your team.

These are the best of the best devotions that have appeared in Children's Ministry magazine. They're tried, tested, and stamped with the Children's Ministry magazine seal of approval!
On the Spot: No-Prep Devotions for Children's Ministry (eBook)
Instant Devotions
(that work every time - and everywhere!)

We're serious when we say "on the spot." As in...You finished a lesson early--and have a few minutes to fill. (Make every moment count with the devotions inside!) Or let's say all the kids are ready for class, but you aren't. You get the picture. On the Spot is your solution for those days when you haven't had a moment to plan ahead (and all the days when you do).
6-Minute Messages for Children (download)
By Donald Hinchey

Bring children closer to God—with a whole year's worth of Bible-based sermons just for them.

You'll use creative activities to get kids involved. And you'll teach unforgettable lessons about...
  • God's love
  • Living in God's family
  • Serving others
  • Faith
  • Stewardship
  • Forgiveness
...and dozens of other topics.
Humongous Book Set
Set includes: The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry, The Humongous Book of Children's Messages, and The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry
The Humongous Book of Children's Messages
Busy pastors often find themselves scrambling to put together their children's sermons . . . The Humongous Book of Children's Messages puts an end to unnecessary stress, offering more than 170 brief messages (5 to 10 minutes!) on everything from major holidays and common children's topics to 75 key Bible stories. Indexed by topic and Scripture reference, this massive collection and trusty companion makes it easy to prepare great sermons in a snap.

Try Children’s Sermons & Devotions for Kids

Looking for fresh sermons for kids? These children’s sermons use simple lessons to engage children in learning about Jesus. And, these devotions for kids offer fun, active-learning messages that take only a few minutes to prepare. Use kids’ devotions and sermons to create unforgettable moments in Sunday worship or during kids’ church.

Kids love sermons that use creative activities to get them involved. With these children’s sermons, you can teach unforgettable lessons about God’s love, serving others, faith and more. You’ll find that these devotions for kids use simple yet meaningful words even young children understand. WIth these kids’ devotions, you can teach as Jesus did, using common, everyday objects.

Through sermons for kids, you can help children know God, follow Jesus and love one another. These children’s sermons consider the ways in which children learn best. Children’s messages and devotions for kids can teach important truths in ways kids understand. With kids’ devotions and sermons, you can bring children closer to God through Bible-based messages just for them.

Have fun sharing sermons for kids that connect children with God's Word and His world. These children’s sermons can be used in many places - from Sunday school and kids’ church to midweek programs and clubs. In these devotions for kids, you’ll find resources that make it easy to prepare great sermons in a snap. Through these kids’ devotions and sermons, the gospel takes on new meaning where even adults can be refreshed by hearing a Bible story in a new way.

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