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Hands-On Bible®- Softcover
$12.39 - $19.99

Jesus taught with hands-on lessons and illustrations. The Hands-On Bible® uses the same experience-based learning to communicate God's Word in an active, understandable way.

With hundreds of fun, memorable activities (A "Do-It" activity in EVERY feature!) and the full New Living Translation text, the Hands-On Bible is packed with activities and experiences that invite kids to crawl inside the Scriptures and "do" God's Word!
My First Hands-On Bible
$8.99 - $16.99
The first Hands-On Bible® for elementary-aged kids sold more than a half-million copies. That'’s more than half a million kids reading, doing, living, and loving God’s Word!

My First Hands-On Bible gives younger kids (ages 3-6) the same chance to experience the Bible in a way that's just for them. One-point lessons. Bible stories told with real Scripture (the easy-to-read NLT). And fun activities that make a lasting impression on childrens' thoughts and hearts.
My First Hands-On Christmas Bible (Board Book)
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
Explore the gift of Jesus' birth and his love with your preschooler!

Based on the best-selling My First Hands-On Bible, this adorable board book engages your child with hands-on activities. Each Bible story includes a prayer to pray with your child, two follow-up activities that reinforce the passages, a "Jesus Connection" to help your child see Jesus at the center of all Scripture, and so much more. You'll help your child interact with these Bible stories to remember them for a lifetime.

This colorful board book includes these Christmas stories:
  • Jesus Is Born (from Luke 2:1-7)
  • Shepherds Hear About Baby Jesus (from Luke 2:8-17)
  • Wise Men Visit Jesus (from Matthew 2:1-11)

  • Be the first to introduce your 3- to 6-year-old to Jesus and his birth!
    My First Hands-On Easter Bible (Board Book)
    Was: $9.99
    Now: $4.00
    Based on the best-selling My First Hands-On Bible™, this adorable board book engages your child with hands-on activities. With each story you get a prayer to share with your child, two follow-up activities that reinforce the passages, a "Jesus Connection" to help your child see Jesus at the center of all Scripture, and so much more. You'll help your child interact with these Bible stories to remember them for a lifetime.
    24/7: Living for God in Real Life
    $6.39 - $7.99
    If you’re like a lot of teenagers we know, you want to passionately follow Jesus, lead a faith-filled life, and trust God more. In other words, you want to live and reveal God’s kingdom in the ordinary, everyday moments of life.

    24/7 will give you specific, practical suggestions, and then challenge you to think about what else you can do—next steps in living out your faith.

    99 Things Every Girl Should Know
    $5.19 - $7.99
    Being a teenage girl has never been easy. In today's world, it's even more complicated.

    In her book 99 Things Every Girl Should Know, veteran youth worker Neely McQueen shares a wealth of wisdom on becoming and being a girl who knows that she is valuable, meaningful, and loved.
    99 Things Every Guy Should Know
    $5.19 - $7.99
    What does it take to become a real man?

    You'll find the best answer to that question when you follow God's roadmap--a journey that will lead you toward authentic manhood.
    99 Thoughts about Guys: For Girls' Eyes Only
    Was: $3.99
    Now: $1.60

    In some ways, a guy’s mind seems incredible simple. So why are dudes always so confounding, especially to girls?

    Luckily, youth pastor extraordinaire Kurt Johnston has spent decades figuring out the brains of teenage boys--—including his own noggin. And with some extra insights from fellow youth worker Katie Edwards, they'’ve crafted a humorous, yet incredibly helpful, handbook on unwrapping the male brain...
    99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers
    $5.19 - $7.99
    If you're the parent of a teenager, you need all the help you can get. How do you help your children make wise choices? How do give your teenagers freedom to make their own choices while still providing a guiding hand? How do you invest your time and energy in ways that make an eternal difference in your children's lives?

    Walt Mueller delivers the goods in 99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers, a no-holds-barred look at the good, bad, and ugly aspects of parenting teenagers.
    99 Thoughts for College-Age People
    $3.24 - $4.99
    The transition from high school to college is usually the most dramatic in young people's lives. In this humorous and thought-provoking college Bible study book, Chuck Bomar offers up pearls of wisdom gained over years of personal and professional experience.
    99 Thoughts on Hearing God's Call
    Was: $5.99
    Now: $1.20
    Teenagers don’'t strive to be ordinary. They'’re passionate about making a difference and leading lives that matter.

    But discerning how to follow God'’s plan in this whole process can be daunting. How do they recognize God'’s call? How do they know if they'’re following God’'s path or their own path?

    99 Thoughts on Hearing God'’s Call will help your teenagers on this adventure. Drawing on his own experience as a youth pastor and a staff member at the Christ In Youth ministry, author Johnny Scott will help your students discover how to recognize God'’s leading and how to pursue God'’s specific call on their lives.
    99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living
    $3.89 - $5.99
    Jesus is unpredictable, amazing, fierce, radical. In other words, Jesus is something of a rebel.

    In 99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living, Rick Lawrence draws on his personal journey of faith and his decades of experience as an editor and writer to provide you with insights into the joy of meeting, following, and falling in love with the real Jesus, the rebel Jesus.
    99 Thoughts on Raising Your Parents
    Was: $5.99
    Now: $1.20
    Liesl and Max Oestreicher aren't perfect teenagers, and they're the first to admit it. They get in trouble, they fight with their parents (and each other), and they frustrate their teachers from time to time.

    But they do have something that a lot of teenagers really wish they had: a better than average relationship with their parents.

    Thoughts on Raising Your Parents is filled with ideas from this sister-and-brother duo on having fun as a family, appreciating why moms and dads do what they do, and finding the best ways to handle arguments and disagreements with your parents. (They'll also divulge a few secrets about rules, independence, and getting permission!)
    Are You a Red Cup Christian?
    Was: $9.99
    Now: $2.00
    Picture the scene: You'’re standing on a corner in a college town and see hundreds of students holding red cups. Like those red cups, the people blend in and all look the same. Everyone seems the same on the outside, and you'’re unable to see anything on the inside.

    In many ways, this scene represents the challenges you face as you move from high school into young adulthood. You may be going from a relatively sheltered environment to one of full freedom, and that transition can be difficult. Will you conform to the culture around you, or will you pursue a stand-out faith in this fit-in world?

    God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally
    $10.49 - $14.99
    By Doug Pollock

    You've felt that tug...

    A friend, co-worker, family member, or someone you just met is talking—--and you sense God nudging you to say something. But what do you say? What don'’t you say? How can you bring God into the conversation without shutting it down?

    Welcome to God Space.
    Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright.
    In Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright., Doug Fields and Josh Griffin share about some important character qualities that will help you live large, be different, and shine bright. A lot of what Doug and Josh write about doesn't seem to get much sermon time, but these topics are definitely worthy of consideration and experimentation--topics like competition, laughter, cliques, encouragement, and several others will help you in the process of being a more vibrant follower of Jesus.
    Ready. Set. Next.
    Ready. Set. Next. will help juniors and seniors gear up for life after high school--critical years that will shape their faith, relationships, and direction in life. This young adult Christan book is an easily consumable book that tells the story of three fictional characters walking through this season of change. Within this Christian book for young adults, each chapter includes insightful questions to help readers process key concepts and life events.  Try Ready. Set. Next. when looking for discipleship books for young adults.
    The Jesus-Centered Life
    $11.04 - $16.99
    This item ships for free!

    You know Jesus, think he's a nice guy, and you never forget his birthday.

    But the truth is…you want more than that. You're bored. Exhausted. Tired of the grind. You're done with hearing about Jesus in sermons. Reading about Jesus in devotions. You want to encounter Jesus—and know him for who he really is. You want to experience Jesus' love, not just admire him. To become a follower, not just a fan.
    Why Nobody Wants to Be Around Christians Anymore
    By Thom & Joani Schultz

    "They judge me."
    "They'’re just a bunch of hypocrites."
    "If they'’re an example of who God is, I don'’t want anything to do with God."

    This is what many people are saying about Christians. Why do they feel this way? And is there anything you can do about it? How can you help give Christians a reputation makeover? Why Nobody Wants to Be Around Christians Anymore gives you more than just answers. Inside you'’ll find practical helps and real-life examples of what it means to glow your love the way Jesus did. You'’ll learn how to avoid pushing people away--…and how to be a magnet for God’s love instead.
    10 Minute Moments: Plugged In
    $4.54 - $6.99
    By Doug Fields

    The Bible is awesome, but there's a catch—it's big. And kind of daunting to a lot of students. There's no better guidebook for their life, but a lot of times they just don't know where to crack the cover.

    Look no further. We've got your back.
    10 Minute Moments - Smart Stuff
    $4.54 - $6.99
    Here's an incredible resource that you can use to make an incredible challenge to your students. Give them a copy of 10-Minute Moments - Smart Stuff, and ask them to give God 10 minutes a day, for one month, to see if the book of Proverbs can't make a difference in their life.
    10-Minute Moments - The Red Stuff: Exploring the Words of Jesus
    $5.59 - $6.99
    Here'’s an incredible resource you can use to make an incredible challenge to your students. Give them a copy of 10-Minute Moments: The Red Stuff and ask them to give God 10 minutes a day for one month--to see if the words of Jesus can't make a difference in their lives.
    10-Minute Moments: The Basics
    $5.59 - $6.99
    Want to help teenagers build a lasting life of faith? It all begins with a solid foundation!

    10-Minute Moments: The Basics is a devotional for teens designed to help students in their spiritual journey, whether they're new followers of Jesus or have been Christ-followers for years. The truths in this devotional book aren't called "basic" because they're childish or simplistic; they're "basic" because they're foundational and essential to leading a life that honors God.
    10 Minute Moments - Parables
    $5.59 - $6.99
    Getting students to carve out time for God can be tough. Between packed schedules and the daunting weight of the average Bible, students need a simple, organized way to deepen their relationship with God on a daily basis.
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