Outreach Ministry in the 21st Century (download)
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More than 200 ideas!
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This collection of practical ideas turns "outreach" from an intimidating mandate into something that's actually enjoyable. How? By offering more than 200 ways to connect with people--ways that real people living in real churches will find engaging, effective, and doable.

Readers will find...
  • ideas for making a church visible in a community,
  • ideas for preparing your church to embrace outreach,
  • movie night recommendations and outlines,
  • evangelism ideas to reach kids, work friends, and personal friends,
  • quick service ideas for kids, youth, and mixed groups,
  • long-term service ideas,
  • mission ideas,
  • complete, seeker-sensitive Bible studies, and
  • some ideas so unique they don't fit in a category!
In short, this is literally an encyclopedia of outreach strategies, options, and ideas. It's designed so any church (or church group) can find a way to reach out to others...and have fun doing it.

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Welcome to Outreach Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas!

Most Christians understand the importance of sharing their faith with the world around them. Knowing how and where to take those first steps in sharing, however, is often tough. This book is here to make those steps easier for you—and enjoyable as well, as your church learns how to reach out to friends, neighbors, co-workers, community members, and others in ways that are both surprisingly easy and surprisingly effective.

You'll find dozens upon dozens of practical ideas here to use. Best of all, you can begin putting many of them into practice as soon as you're ready to start! These ideas are creative, practical, and hands-on. Whether you want to put together an activity to deepen relationships, discuss the Christian themes in a secular movie, dive in to a service project for the disadvantaged in your community, or commit to a more long-term relationship with those who really need to know the love of Jesus, this book can help.

Because this book is a collection of practical ideas, we've worked hard to put it together in a practical way. You can read it cover to cover, or you can pick and choose the ideas you need right now. You might want to start in the Table of Contents, locate the kind of outreach ministry you'd like to get involved in, and scan the tips and ideas from there.

You may want to put copies of many of these pages in the hands of those working alongside you. Therefore, please note that several pages throughout this book have been noted as "OK to copy." We pray that both you and those you serve will reap eternal benefits from the ideas in this book. May God bless and use you and your ministry.

—Carl Simmons, Editor

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