All-in-One Sunday School Volume 1
Item 9780764449444
THE PERFECT PROGRAMMING RESOURCE for small churches with kids of all ages in one weekly class!
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ALL-IN-ONE SUNDAY SCHOOL: VOLUME 1 contains lessons that are seasonally tied to Fall. Discover 13 fun, Bible-based programs full of creative ideas for classes with kids ages 4 to 12. You'll save time and money--just gather a few common, inexpensive items, photocopy the handouts, and you're ready to teach creative Bible lessons your kids will love. Each lesson comes complete with...
  • Active-learning experiences--to catch kids' interest and teach them lessons they'll remember,
  • Interactive Bible stories--to help even the youngest kids grasp the real meaning of Scripture,
  • Life applications--to encourage children to use what they’ve learned,
  • Take-home handouts--so children can share what they've learned with their families,
  • And more--including tips to help you better understand kids!

  • BONUS: You'll also discover how to help kids of multiple ages work together as a team...learn what to expect from different age groups...and be able to give young children the extra attention they crave while helping older children feel special as they help younger children learn.

Use All-in-One Sunday School any time you want to teach meaningful Bible lessons to kids of different ages--in the same class. You'll be ready no matter who shows up!
128 pages
8.5" x 11" softcover

ALL-IN-ONE SUNDAY SCHOOL: VOLUME 1 contains lessons that are seasonally tied to Fall.

Kids will learn these Bible points:

1. God wants us to care for his world.
2. I am special to God.
3. God keeps his promises.
4. God will guide us.
5. God wants us to be peacemakers.
6. Sometimes God surprises us.
7. God wants us to be encouragers.
8. God wants us to be helpful and kind even when no one else is watching.
9. God forgives us as we forgive others.
10. Families are important to God.
11. God will help us through hard times.
12. We celebrate God’s goodness.
13. Because God takes care of us, we can share with others.

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Q: Where can we find a sample of what the book looks like inside? I would like to see a sample lesson to see if I would like this for our church. where can I find this? Thanks Shelly Mosley
Asked : Dec 08, 2017
By : shelly, Albion,in
A: On this page, above the picture of the book, you will see a green tab that says "Download Sample". Please click that tab and a sample lesson should open up for you.
Answered : Dec 08, 2017
By : Robin
Q: Does this all-in-one series get updated every year so that we have new content to teach? I see some curriculum has Fall 2017, for example. So I assume next year there will be a Fall 2018 book. Or is there a two year rotation or ? With All-in-one, seems more important to have updates.
Asked : Nov 20, 2017
By : Deb, Marion, IA
A: This series of books are not changed each year. If you are looking for a second year I would encourage you to look at the All Together Now series. They are written by the same Author and have a similar format. There also is the Kids Travel Guides and the Grown Together Now series of books.
Answered : Nov 21, 2017
By : Robin

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