Simply Loved Elementary Kit Plus Digital - Holiday Year 1
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The Simply Loved Elementary Holiday Year 1 Plus Digital kit contains everything you need to prepare and teach 4 holiday lessons for kids in first grade through fourth grades—two for Easter and two for Christmas. The included USB drive contains digital copies of kit contents plus BONUS resources.
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The Simply Loved Elementary Holiday Year 1 lesson plan is designed to help kids in first grade through fourth grades celebrate Jesus through his birth and resurrection.

Simply Loved Holiday Year 1 curriculum kit includes four lessons-two for the Easter season and two for the Christmas season. Each lesson features a lovable Bible Memory Buddy that creates a visual and emotional connection to every lesson through engaging videos, helping kids learn and remember each unit’s Bible Memory Verse. In Holiday, kids explore Bible truths along with Olivia the Barn Owl (Psst…if you’ve used Group’s VBS, you might recognize this character!)

This digital kit is ideal when managing multiple elementary Sunday school classrooms and for creating email and social media communications to families and your congregation.

Click on Product Detail below to see the weekly lessons included in this quarter.

  • This kit contains everything you need to plan, prepare, and teach the Simply Loved Holiday lessons—plus a USB drive with digital copies and BONUS resources (see the What’s Included tab below for details).
  • One kit will serve a single classroom of up to 25 kids (limited only by the Bible Memory Buddy Stickers, also sold separately)
  • Your USB drive includes digital copies of everything inside this kit, allowing you to print additional copies or distribute materials electronically. (Some restrictions apply. See the What’s Included tab for details.)

Due to copyright restrictions, any kit that is returned with the USB security seal broken will not be eligible for a refund.

Simply Loved is a revolutionary Sunday school program that takes the complication out of recruiting, gathering supplies, and teaching lessons so you and your volunteers can get back to what matters most—helping kids learn to love God and each other.  

To learn more about how Simply Loved makes Sunday school simpler for you and your volunteers—all while helping kids learn key Bible lessons—visit the Simply Loved website.

Holiday Lessons:

Week 1: An Angel Appears to Joseph

Week 2: Magi Search for the Messiah

Week 3: Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem on a Donkey

Week 4: Jesus Dies and Comes Back to Life

View the full Simply Loved Scope and Sequence HERE.

Each Simply Loved Elementary Plus Digital Holiday Year 1 kit includes:

1 USB drive containing digital copies of everything found in the kit for easy duplication. The Leader Guide is provided in PDF format. Plus, BONUS resources are available only in the digital kit. Use bonus resources to create social posts, emails, parent communications, and more! (Due to copyright restrictions, making copies of the music videos is strictly prohibited. If you need additional copies of the music, the music DVD is sold separately. [LINK TO MUSIC DVD PDP]

1 Leader Guide with easy-to-follow lessons, weekly supply lists, and teacher devotions.

2 DVDs featuring high-quality music videos, weekly Bible Memory Buddy videos, a countdown, and even teacher tip videos!

4 vibrant Bible Story Posters to visually represent the key Bible story from each lesson.

1 Bible Memory Buddy Poster designed to introduce kids to each unit’s Bible Memory Buddy and Bible Memory Verse.

100 Bible Memory Buddy stickers for kids to wear, keep, and collect. Each sticker also includes the unit’s Bible Memory Verse. Enough stickers for 25 kids each week; stickers are also sold separately. 1 copy of the Take-It-Home Flyers booklet. Flyers “fly” home so families can continue growing together in friendship with Jesus. Booklets are photocopiable and are also sold separately.

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