When God Left the Building DVD
Item 9781470742133
Own the award winning documentary When God Left The Building and bring hope and new life to your congregation.
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Nearly 4,000 churches close every year.
Why—and can it be stopped?

Director Thom Schultz set out on a journey to uncover why churches—once the heart and soul of their communities—are now shrinking in both size and influence. What he discovered serves as a powerful wake-up call to church leaders.

Viewers go behind the curtain at a congregation that's seen attendance plunge from 900 to 40. Witness innovative new forms of church that are thriving, from a pub outreach in Pennsylvania to a Texas ministry that gathers in 300 neighborhoods every week.

When God Left The Building will help your church…
  • See clearly a trend that's quietly shaking America's very foundation
  • Spark insights that can help their own churches be vibrant and strong
  • Experience hope—for the church as it finds new ways to impact the world
This DVD is intended for individual use only. Please purchase the appropriate license edition for church and community screening.

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Q: Our church has a VCLI. Would we need to purchase the $99 video license? There are no additional details.
Asked : Jun 05, 2017
By : NLF, Missouri
A: If you are showing When God Left the Building in a congregational setting you would need to purchase the appropriate level for you church. The Church Video License does not grant permission for this product. If you have further questions, please email our Permissions department at permissions@group.com.
Answered : Jun 05, 2017
By : Robin
Q: How large a group is meant by a "community" viewing? I'm an English as a Foreign Language instructor in Japan so I always try to be careful about correct viewing and permissions with DVDs. Is a home viewing with a group of less than 6 other friends considered a community viewing which I'd need to purchase a $99 license for? I hope not, because I'd like to buy and share this DVD with that many friends only here in Japan. Not worth a $99 license fee for that, however.
Asked : Mar 29, 2017
By : agapeesl, Kumamoto, Japan
A: If you are watching in your home with a few family and friends, the DVD for $19.99 is the correct purchase. If you are going to show it in a Church setting with your congregation, you would need to purchase the appropriate licensing.
Answered : Mar 30, 2017
By : Robin

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