The Humongous Book of Children's Messages
Item 9780764426476
Find the perfect children's message—fast! It's easy with this humongous collection of 170 quick-prep children's messages!
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Busy pastors often find themselves scrambling to put together their children's sermons . . . The Humongous Book of Children's Messages puts an end to unnecessary stress, offering more than 170 brief messages (5 to 10 minutes!) on everything from major holidays and common children's topics to 75 key Bible stories. Indexed by topic and Scripture reference, this massive collection and trusty companion makes it easy to prepare great sermons in a snap.

Here is what you get with each message:
  • List of simple supplies or props.
  • Directions for enacting the message or Bible story.
  • Thought-provoking questions and short message.
  • Closing prayer.
  • Tips for working with larger groups.
  • Indexed by topic and Scripture reference
  • 261 pages
    6" x 9" softcover
    Presenting a children's message is always an adventure.
    When Matt waves his little hand in the air to get your attention, is it because he's just discovered a Bible truth--or because he has to go to the bathroom? When you ask kids how they serve their parents, will Nancy talk about cleaning her room or picking up beer cans after Dad's card game last Friday night?

    Children's messages are always an adventure...and they can always be fun, too.
    Here are more than 170 children's messages contributed by people like you--people who stand in front of groups of children and tell them about God. You're getting their best messages, organized so it's easy for you to find just the right message for a children's sermon, a devotion, or to complement a Sunday school lesson.

    Handy indexes make it a snap to find the perfect idea--fast. And here are some practical insights about how to deliver these messages in a way that gives you maximum impact...

    Personalize messages.
    If there's a story about shoveling snow and you live in Los Angeles, substitute a childhood activity from your own experience. Feel free to adapt these messages as you see fit.

    Be careful about questions.
    You want children involved, so asking questions is great--but what will you do when forty-seven hands shoot up and everyone wants to talk?
    If possible, have children sit in small groups with adult leaders. That way, when you ask a question, children can tell leaders their answers while you wait. Then you can ask several leaders to share stories that came out of their groups' discussions. That way, more children get to talk, and what's shared publicly has been filtered through an adult.

    Affirm all contributors--no matter what.
    You ask who died on the cross, and Jasmine confidently...

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