Moving Messages

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Ideas That Will Revolutionize the Sunday Experience


This book is a must-read for all church leaders eager to make Sunday messages engaging and impactful.

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By Rick Bundschuh

Make EVERY sermon memorable!

Here's how... Are you hungry for Sunday messages to be memorable, meaningful, and move listeners closer to God?

So why are so many messages forgettable?

Pastor and author Rick Bundschuh asked the same question—and launched into a journey of finding new ways to connect his church audience with the life-changing truths of the Bible. He preached participatory sermons. Wove experiences into messages. Invited congregational conversation as part of the Sunday morning experience.

The results he reported in Moving Messages were astounding--for Bundschuh and his church.

In this report from the front lines, Bundschuh shares what he did, how it went, and what he learned along the way. Practical and proven, his church leadership book is full of all the ways he invigorated the Sunday experience for him and his congregation.

Make Sunday messages engaging and impactful with Moving Messages. Readers will benefit from Bundschuh's journey. This book for ministry leaders will transform passive listeners into active participants in next Sunday's message.

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160 pages

6" x 9" softcover

Author Bio

Rick Bundschuh serves as a teaching pastor at Hawaii's Kauai Christian Fellowship. He worked with Bethany Hamilton on the best-seller Soul Surfer and is also the author of Deep Like Me.


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