Kids' Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments: Thirteen Lessons on Right and Wrong
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Here’s a fun way to get kindergarten through 5th-grade children into the 10 Commandments—and to get the 10 Commandments into the hearts of children.
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By Carol Mader

Impress the Ten Commandments into children's hearts with these 13 easy Bible lessons for kids.

With Kids' Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments: Thirteen Lessons on Right and Wrong, you'll take them on exciting journeys filled with stories, fun, prayer, and adventure. Along the way, they'll learn that God gives us laws because he loves us. Best of all, the final lesson shows how all of the commandments lead us to Jesus.

In each of these 13 Sunday school lessons, you will take your kids on a travel adventure with:
  • In-Focus Verse from Exodus or other related Scripture begins the journey.
  • Departure Prayer designed for participation.
  • First Stop Discovery: Narrated enactment or group activity exploring the day's lesson.
  • Story Excursions: Uses story to relate the lesson to real life in fun, imaginative and dramatic ways.
  • Adventures in Growing: Activities (obstacle course, follow-the-leader, action songs, mazes, crafts, and more) show kids how to apply what they've learned to their daily lives!
  • Home Again Prayer closes the lesson.
  • Souvenirs: Kids create pages that go into a notebook to remind them of what they have learned about the commandments
Kids’ Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments is part of the Kids' Travel Guide Series. Click here to learn more and download samples!
120 pages
8.5" x 11" softcover

An Introduction to the Travel Guide

Moses Receives the Ten Commandments
God gave us loving laws to keep us safe.

The First Commandment: You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me
Worship God Alone.

The Second Commandment: You Shall Not Make Any Idols
God wants and deserves first place in your life.

The Third Commandment: Speak God's Name With Respect
Our words tell what's in our hearts.

The Fourth Commandment: Set Aside a Special Day for God
God gives us a day to refuel and remember him.

The Fifth Commandment: Honor Your Father and Mother
Honor means respect and obey.

The Sixth Commandment: You Shall Not Kill
Say no to violence. Say yes to life!

The Seventh Commandment: Be True to Your Husband or Wife
Keep your promises.

The Eighth Commandment: You Shall Not Steal
Be givers, not getters.

The Ninth Commandment: You Shall Not Lie 
Always tell the truth.

Tenth Commandment:  You Shall Not Want What Others Have
Be happy with what you have.

Reviewing the Top Ten
God's treasured people choose to obey.

The Law Leads Us to the Cross
Our sin is real, but our sin is gone!

With these kids Sunday school lessons, you will also get:
  • Tour Guide Tips: Ideas you can use to enhance or adapt the lesson for different ages.
  • Items to Pack: Supplies and props for the journey.
  • Scenic Routes to give you more creative options.
  • Fun Facts: Jokes and interesting tidbits related to the lesson.
  • Reproducible pages: Games, and journal "souvenirs."

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