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By Scott Rubin

When it comes it to the health of a tree, there's more than meets the eye. If you remove that tree from its roots or if you stop paying attention to what happens underground, bad things happen. The tree begins to die.

That truth applies to us, too. When we disconnect from God, we begin to dry out, to suffer, to move closer toward spiritual decay. What happens below the surface dictates the kind of life we lead and the kind of impact we have.

This three-week series will invite your students to look below the surface of their lives, to honestly examine how they're doing, and to pursue the path of Jesus-centered living.

Topics include:
Week 1: Alone on Purpose--build your relationship with God by spending time with God
Week 2: Secret Service--find ways to secretly serve others without any reward
Week 3: Celebrate--even during tough times, you can find reasons to be thankful

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Scott Rubin is the junior high pastor at Willow Creek Church outside of Chicago and has been on the staff there since 1991. The ministry he leads at Willow Creek is called Elevate. He's had a blast writing a few youth ministry resources and encouraging other middle-school ministers to explore what God can do in their ministry.

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