Simply Loved Pre-K & K Kit - Quarter 1
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Keep your Sundays simple—and your kids delighted—with a new approach to Sunday school. The Simply Loved Pre-K & K Kit contains everything you need.
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Welcome to a Simpler Approach to Sunday School

Take the complication out of Sunday school and get back to what matters most...helping kids learn to love God and each other. Simply Loved smooths out Sundays by...
  • simply reducing volunteer stress and burnout with easy-to-follow leader guides and easy lesson prep.
  • simply shortening your supply list. You'll gather fewer supplies that you use for the whole quarter, ending Saturday searches for oddball items.
  • simply captivating kids with memorable lessons guaranteed to keep them coming back!
Keep your Sundays simple—and your kids delighted—with Simply Loved.
Simply Loved gives kids a Jesus-centered, foundational journey through God’s story of love and explores biblical truths from the Old and New Testaments.

Each quarter is made up of three 4-week units featuring:
  • a simple, flexible format
  • simple-to-follow lessons
  • strategic Bible content
  • an intentional Bible memory focus
During Simply Loved Quarter 1, your kids will explore:
  • Unit 1 - In the Beginning: God always loves us.
  • Unit 2 - God Has a Plan: We can trust God.
  • Unit 3 - Good News for Outsiders: Jesus loves everyone.

View the full 2-year Simply Loved Scope and Sequence.
The Simply Loved Pre-K & K Kit contains everything you need*, including:

Leader Guide
A glance-able, easy-to-use, step-by-step guide for your Simply Loved lessons.

Featuring high-quality music videos, weekly lesson videos, and even volunteer training videos!

Packed with catchy songs that ease lesson transitions and fun Bible verse songs that reinforce biblical truth.

12 Bible Story Posters
Beautiful and vibrant posters visually represent the key Bible story from each lesson.

3 Bible Memory Buddy Posters
Introduce kids to each unit's Bible Memory Buddy and Bible Memory Verse.

Bible Memory Buddy Stickers
Fun, memorable stickers for kids to wear, keep, and collect. Each sticker features the unit's Bible Memory Verse. Each kit includes enough stickers for 25 kids per week.

Coloring Creations Pages
Take the fun and excitement of your weekly lesson and send it home so families can continue growing together in friendship with Jesus. These reproducible pages are an easy way to give kids a creative experience while also providing a continued emphasis on the lesson's Bible Point, Bible Memory Buddy, and Bible Memory Verse.

*Classroom format considerations

One kit will meet your needs when kids are together in a single classroom. The only additional purchase, depending on the number of kids, may be Bible Memory Buddy Stickers. A kit contains enough stickers for 25 kids per week.

If you use multiple classrooms (age-graded, etc.), here are some options:
1. *Best Value* Buy the Digital Plus with the portable USB drive, and you can outfit each classroom.
2. Buy additional components (Leader Guide, DVD, etc.) as needed for each classroom.
3. Buy a kit for each classroom.

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