Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience
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12-session discipleship program that moves people toward a deeper friendship with God
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If a personal relationship with God is enough to catalyze Jesus-followers to change the world...
...why do so many remain on the sidelines of their faith?  Why aren't more Christians investing in the lives of others, attending church, giving sacrificially, and serving regularly?
Maybe it’s because more than 75 percent of Americans have a distorted view of God's character, and it’s undermining their ability to follow and rely upon him—to be the disciples Jesus calls them to be.
Fortunately, there’s an effective way to change this view. Jesus modeled it through a process that’s so familiar it’s often dismissed.
That model is friendship.
Jesus deliberately calls his disciples friends rather than servants. Following his model, Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience helps participants:
• Move from simply knowing facts about God to growing in a close relationship with Jesus
• See Jesus in action in everyday life through intriguing experiences designed to reveal his heart
• Follow a natural bonding process to deepen their friendship with Jesus and one another
• Launch into their daily mission fields through intriguing, doable adventures in discipleship
During Friends of God, participants move toward a deeper friendship with God and others following the natural process of friendship through a variety of activities, discussion, quiet reflection, adventure, and more.

Here's a look inside each of the 12 sessions:
Session 1: Getting Acquainted
Session 2: Getting Even Better Acquainted
Session 3: Getting Acquainted With Jesus
Session 4: Conversations with God
Session 5: Paying Better Attention to What God Says and Does
Session 6: What Does Discipleship Look Like?
Session 7: Taking Risks With God
Session 8: Abiding in Jesus
Session 9: Love Is Tender and Tough
Session 10: Trusting God
Session 11: Forgiveness Is a Lifestyle
Session 12: Discipleship Is Both Personal and Public
Every kit includes...
1 Leader Guide 
Includes session guides, supply lists, conversation tips, and more. 
1 Session DVD Pack
This two-DVD set includes videos for leading 12 sessions plus leader insights for maximizing life-change during every discussion and discipleship experience. Bonus promotional video helps you spread the word about your adventures in discipleship.
1 Promo and Session Graphics CD
Includes ready-to-use publicity items and session printables to help you promote and lead your discipleship group.
1 Unheard Of  Feature-Length Documentary Film
Enjoy this inspirational living parable as part of Session 6.
1 Sample of Each of the Following Items
Friends of God: The Discipleship Diary participant guide, Heart of Jesus Sticky Notes (1 pad), Friends of God Glow Pen, Friends of God Go-and-Glow Lights (package of 10), 1 copy each of the Jesus-Centered practical guidebooks, including Help! How Do I Pray?, Help! How Do I Read the Bible?, and Help! How Do I Know God’s Will?

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Q: When will this product be available? I am interested in taking a closer look and making use of it in our congregation and community. If you are looking for trial settings, I would be interested.
Asked : May 21, 2018
By : Pastor Diane, Fowlerville, Michigan
A: This item will release September 4th. If you would like to pre-order this, give us a call at 1-800-447-1070 option 1.
Answered : May 21, 2018
By : Robin

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