God's Extreme Makeover (download)
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By Doug Fields

As fallen humans, we often feel like we're missing something, that we're not good enough. The world offers its answers in the form of cosmetic solutions-a new car, a new house or an improved physical feature. But God has a better picture of who you can be and it's one that can't be bought at any price.

Take your students on a discovery of the conflict between the new life and the old sinful nature in God's Extreme Makeover, a 4-part sermon series given by Doug Fields. While our culture tells us to change our outside, God points to the Fruit of the Spirit and tells us He will change us from the inside.

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What's Included:

The 4 lessons are:

  • Being Attractive Without Having To Look Good - Overview (Picture, Problem, & Plan)
  • Being Attractive Without Having To Look Good - Peace{
  • Being Attractive Without Having To Look Good - Patience
  • Being Attractive Without Having To Look Good - Self-control

This CD-ROM includes the following materials:

  • MP3's of each of the 4 messages
  • Transcripts of each message
  • Drama scripts that enhance the message
  • PowerPoint slides for notes
  • Commentary by Doug Fields
  • Promotional materials

This series is one that will have immediate resonance with your students and will most likely be one your senior pastor will probably try to "borrow" while you're not looking, so keep an eye on it.

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