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Digging Into Epic Teachings of the Bible

Digging Into Epic Teachings of the Bible explores the enduring lessons of the Old and New Testaments. Kids build a foundation that guides them in living God's way. With Epic Teachings of the Bible, you'll dig into Scripture such as the Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, and Psalm 23. Kids discover that the Bible matters and is a loving letter from a God who understands them.

Get the first 2 Epic Teachings of the Bible lessons for FREE! The demo takes just minutes to complete!

Your Subscription Includes

  • Epic Teachings program with one-year undated scope and sequence. Start whenever you choose. You can even purchase and use more than one kids’ Sunday school program at the same time under a single account.  Each program is sold separately.
  • 4 age levels spanning age 3 to grade 6
  • All class formats (age graded, one room, large group/small group)
  • Unlimited number of classrooms
  • 11 activity blocks each week (up to 2 hours of content)
  • 13 children’s Bible lessons lessons per quarter, plus an Easter and a Christmas lesson
  • Weekly Bible point and summary verse
  • Online access to DIG IN Sunday school curriculum content for 15 months from purchase
  • Option to download children’s Bible lessons in editable MS Word format and customize lessons
  • Weekly take-home content

Pricing is based on the average number of weekly students using the program, making it affordable for any size church and budget.

Tier LevelNumber of StudentsCost Per Quarter
Tier 11-20 kids$121
Tier 221-40 kids$171
Tier 341-60 kids$221
Tier 461-100 kids$271
Tier 5101-400 kids$321
Tier 6401+ kids$396

Classroom Resources

Your subscription includes everything you need, but there are additional classroom resources that can enhance your classroom experience! Choose from the following options:

  • Talk-About Videos DVD Sets: These are physical DVDs you can use in classrooms if you prefer a hard copy instead of downloading or streaming online. Each set includes the discussion videos from all 4 quarters of your program.
  • The Best of DIG IN Music Videos: This physical DVD set includes the greatest hits of DIG IN’s music videos, and is an excellent alternative to downloading or streaming directly from the Music activity block inside your subscription.
  • Clip Art: Includes DIG IN branding and program art for your church to use in advertising or social media. Available as a CD or digital download.
  • Bible Verse Posters: These beautiful and artistic poster packs will make your classrooms colorful and help to reinforce Scripture. Available as a physical set or a digital download.
  • Music Album Downloads: Enhance your classroom environment with collections of upbeat praise music or reflective songs. These albums can be used as background music or for singing along in worship. Available as a digital album download.

Lesson Building

  • Children’s directors can choose whether to build children’s Bible lessons for teachers or have some or all teachers build their own. Building lessons is easy (even for non-technical people)—lessons can be built in just minutes.
  • When teachers build their own Bible lessons for kids, they can choose the activity blocks that utilize their natural strengths and match the interests of the kids in their class, increasing their impact and teaching success.
  • If you choose to use the same activity blocks each week, simply press a button to build out lessons for the entire quarter of DIG IN Sunday school curriculum. Talk about easy!
  • Email lessons to substitute teachers with just a click.

Computers & Internet Access

A computer with an internet connection is only needed to build digital Sunday school lessons and download or print lesson content. In the classroom, teachers can teach from a hard-copy printout or mobile device. Video content can be downloaded beforehand to a device connected to a TV or projector, or you can purchase a Quarterly Companion DVD and play from a standard DVD player.

Delivery of Content

After purchasing your first quarter of DIG IN Sunday school curriculum, you may purchase the remaining quarters as soon as you desire. If you choose to follow standard delivery, you will purchase and receive lesson content quarterly through automatically recurring credit card payments. The choice is yours!