Event Overview

Heroes Unmasked: The All-Fun, No-Fear Bible Adventure!

Kids and families will have a blast this fall with this interactive, 2- to 3-hour event that is perfect as a fall kickoff, fall festival, or Halloween alternative.

Heroes Unmasked is...

  • Easy for you—and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this amazing 2- to 3-hour event is in one convenient kit.
  • So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really...it happened at our field test!)
  • A great way to reach your community.
  • Perfect for any size church!

How it Works

Add some Wow and Pow to your church with Heroes Unmasked!

As kids and families travel through the stations in any order, they’ll discover some of the greatest heroes from the Bible and experience God’s love, too!

Stations Include:

The Registration Station

Greet families and give them a Fall Fest Bag to keep their treats safe and sound!

Daniel’s Mane Showdown

Kids launch Twisty Launchers at helium balloons that look like lions. They’ll learn about Daniel, the Bible hero who survived a night in a lions’ den.

David’s Bopple Topple

Kids bowl Rock Balls toward angry Philistines, trying to knock down the giant. They’ll learn about David, the Bible hero who took down a giant with just a rock, a slingshot, and God’s power.

Elijah’s Flaming Altar

Kids throw Flaming Comets into altar targets. They’ll learn about Elijah, the Bible hero who stood alone in a fiery showdown where God’s power reigned supreme.

Moses’ Red Sea Putt-Putt

Kids mini-golf through the Red Sea and learn how Bible hero Moses used God’s power to part the sea so the Israelites could escape a looming army of Egyptians.

Noah’s Operation Rescue

Kids sort through Silly Spheres to round up animals for Noah’s ark. They’ll learn that Noah was a Bible hero who weathered the storm and saved God’s creation.

Queen Esther’s Crown the Queen

Kids try to drop a crown on Queen Esther to crown this Bible hero, who saved her people from death!

Secret of the Empty Cave

Families explore Jesus’ empty tomb and put clues together to discover how the greatest hero of all beat death!

Hero Cookie Cafe

Participants decorate cookies and create their very own superhero masks.

Little Heroes Hangout

Preschoolers will have their own area with simplified versions of the games like shooing lion balloons away with foam balls and learning about Jesus’ love from fun puppets.

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Fall is a great time to do something special at your church to kick off the new school year—and reach out to your community!

Heroes Unmasked Fall Fest Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan a fun-filled Fall Fest outreach event. This kit includes fun samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow guides for the director, set-up & decorating, outreach, and leading the experiences at each of the stations.

Plus, you’ll find ideas on how to get families from your community to attend—and have them return after your event.

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