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A powerful way to take kids on a journey to heaven. Kids have big questions about heaven. Now you can give them real answers with these hands-on lessons based on the best-selling book Heaven is for Real for Kids. (Over 500,000 copies sold!)
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Explore the gift of Jesus' birth and his love with your preschooler!

Based on the best-selling My First Hands-On Bible, this adorable board book engages your child with hands-on activities. Each Bible story includes a prayer to pray with your child, two follow-up activities that reinforce the passages, a "Jesus Connection" to help your child see Jesus at the center of all Scripture, and so much more. You'll help your child interact with these Bible stories to remember them for a lifetime.

This colorful board book includes these Christmas stories:
  • Jesus Is Born (from Luke 2:1-7)
  • Shepherds Hear About Baby Jesus (from Luke 2:8-17)
  • Wise Men Visit Jesus (from Matthew 2:1-11)

  • Be the first to introduce your 3- to 6-year-old to Jesus and his birth!
    Was: $29.99
    Now: $6.00
    It’s normal for children to wonder about the reality of God and heaven. But when they reach the age of 9, many kids start shying away from exploring their biggest questions with adults.

    These four lessons, designed for children ages 9 to 12, take kids on an engaging, in-depth journey to help them understand that heaven is truly real—because they get to hear about it from a kid just like them who’s experienced it. Every session is conversation-oriented, allowing children to fully participate and—most importantly—to own their beliefs.

    By Chad Monahan, John Luzadder, and Katie Edwards

    Ever had the jitters before meeting someone? Maybe it was someone famous, someone important, or someone you thought was very good looking. Meeting those people can be a pretty big deal--it's something you talk about with your friends or post on social media, and it might even change your life.

    One kind of meeting is guaranteed to change a life: an encounter with Jesus. This Changes Everything will introduce your students to people in the Bible who met Jesus, and each session will challenge your teenagers to determine how they will respond to the one who changed everything.

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    At the Knight School, kids and adults alike will love the challenge of tossing these fun inflatable crowns onto the sword in the stone. (Used for Toss Game only; purchase adjustable Royal Crowns for each guest. Colors vary — ages 3 and up)

    12 per Package

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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    Oh where, oh where can our little sheep be? They're stuck in the moat and need a helping hand! Guests will love digging through the Messy Moat Muck looking for these friendly sheep. Each guest gets to take home a loveable reminder of the point of Kingdom Fest: Jesus is with us! (Need 1 per guest — ages 3 and up)

    10 per Package, 2.25" x 1.5" x 1"

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Not for children under 3 years.

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    Preschoolers will be surprised when these foam rocks actually float in their Day 2 Exploration Stations.
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    Delectable decorations that look almost good enough to eat! Use the Tissue Strawberry (14 in.) as an eye-pleasing add-on in your Thai Treats station.

    THIS IS A VBS OUTLET ITEM: Outlet items are limited in quantity, so order early. If a popular item runs out of stock, we may discontinue or replace it with a similar product. All outlet products and prices are subject to change without notice.

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    By Jake and Melissa Kircher

    Ministry is such a rewarding experience, but why does it create so much strain on marriages?

    Jake and Melissa Kircher have learned some valuable lessons (often the hard way!) about building a healthy marriage amid the demands of ministry. They aren't perfect, but they've matured individually and as a couple because of each mess, problem, heartache, and obstacle they've encountered. They understand your struggles and frustrations, because they're their struggles and frustrations, too.

    99 Thoughts on Marriage & Ministry will help you discover advice, wisdom, and insight in five core areas.
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    Few teenagers think of slavery as a modern-day issue. It's something they read about in history books-a painful, troubling chapter from the past. Unfortunately, slavery remains a 21st century reality in the form of sex trafficking. Around our world, people are bought and sold as if they were commodities.

    Baht is a documentary that exposes this issue through the real-life story of Sophea. She's a young Cambodian woman fighting to rebuild her life after being deceived by someone she trusted and forced into prostitution. This documentary was made with the goal of informing people and spurring them to fight injustices-in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, as well as in their own communities.
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    By Katie Brazelton

    Having conversations with teenagers is a challenge. Having meaningful conversations with teenagers can feel impossible at times!

    Drawing on her experience as a mom, ministry founder, and Life Purpose Coach®, Dr. Katie Brazelton offers insights and wisdom in How Your Teenager is Wired on understanding how teenagers are wonderfully and uniquely created-and how to transform that understanding into dynamic conversations about who they are, how God wired them, and where their lives are headed.
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