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Tissue Strawberry
Was: $6.99
Now: $1.40

Delectable decorations that look almost good enough to eat! Use the Tissue Strawberry (14 in.) as an eye-pleasing add-on in your Thai Treats station.

THIS IS A VBS OUTLET ITEM: Outlet items are limited in quantity, so order early. If a popular item runs out of stock, we may discontinue or replace it with a similar product. All outlet products and prices are subject to change without notice.

99 Thoughts on Marriage and Ministry
Was: $5.99
Now: $1.20
By Jake and Melissa Kircher

Ministry is such a rewarding experience, but why does it create so much strain on marriages?

Jake and Melissa Kircher have learned some valuable lessons (often the hard way!) about building a healthy marriage amid the demands of ministry. They aren't perfect, but they've matured individually and as a couple because of each mess, problem, heartache, and obstacle they've encountered. They understand your struggles and frustrations, because they're their struggles and frustrations, too.

99 Thoughts on Marriage & Ministry will help you discover advice, wisdom, and insight in five core areas.
BAHT: A Real-Life Story of Human Trafficking
Was: $19.99
Now: $4.00
Few teenagers think of slavery as a modern-day issue. It's something they read about in history books-a painful, troubling chapter from the past. Unfortunately, slavery remains a 21st century reality in the form of sex trafficking. Around our world, people are bought and sold as if they were commodities.

Baht is a documentary that exposes this issue through the real-life story of Sophea. She's a young Cambodian woman fighting to rebuild her life after being deceived by someone she trusted and forced into prostitution. This documentary was made with the goal of informing people and spurring them to fight injustices-in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, as well as in their own communities.
How Your Teenager is Wired
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
By Katie Brazelton

Having conversations with teenagers is a challenge. Having meaningful conversations with teenagers can feel impossible at times!

Drawing on her experience as a mom, ministry founder, and Life Purpose Coach®, Dr. Katie Brazelton offers insights and wisdom in How Your Teenager is Wired on understanding how teenagers are wonderfully and uniquely created-and how to transform that understanding into dynamic conversations about who they are, how God wired them, and where their lives are headed.
Criticism Bites
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
By Brian Berry

Is criticism inevitable in life?

Maybe you've asked that question because you're tired of the relentless, nagging voice in your head saying you should quit, or you're inadequate, or your shortcomings are what people will remember most about you. Perhaps you're simply discouraged, frustrated, burned out, or isolated because of the criticism you've endured.

This book is for you.
The Disconnect
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
By Doug Franklin

Every time you walk out of your senior pastor’s office, you leave with a sense of bewilderment and confusion. “Did I just waste the last hour? Did he really hear what’s going on with our students? Is youth ministry really a priority for this guy?”

Unfortunately, you aren’t alone. When it works, the relationship between a youth pastor and senior pastor opens the door to dynamic ministry in the local church. But when that relationship is weak, damaged, or broken, it can create an environment that breeds frustration, dissension, and burnout.

And in far too many churches, that relationship is weak, damaged, or broken. Trust, respect, and sacrifice don’t happen when we aren’t on the same page. Doug writes directly to you as a youth pastor, offering his encouragement and wisdom.
Contagious Christmas Kit
Was: $24.99
Now: $5.00
Looking for something fresh and new for your next Christmas event or holiday tea? Contagious Christmas is exactly what you need! With Contagious Christmas, you'’ll breathe new life into your holiday gathering.

This event is centered on spreading the joy of Christmas. Women will enjoy getting to know one another as they share their own stories and connect with the story that started us all on a mission to make joy contagious--—the Christmas story.
The Externally Focused Life
Was: $15.99
Now: $3.20
By Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson

Can ordinary people live extraordinary lives?

Yes--when those lives are externally focused! That’'s the message Pastor Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson deliver in this timely, Bible-based book. Using a memorable acrostic for LIFE--Love, Intersections, Fortune, Eternity--the authors challenge us to find more than purpose…...to uncover the joy in a lifestyle of authentic Christian service. Discussion questions included.
Hope Lives: A Journey of Restoration
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
By Amber Van Schooneveld
Compassion changes everything: how you view the world...yourself...even Jesus. Produced in partnership with Compassion International, this five-week exploration of compassion touches both the head and heart--And helps participants discover (and share) God's heart for the poor. The book contains 25 daily readings, divided into five one-week segments. Each of the 25 daily readings includes Scriptural support for the author's arguments, a page for journaling responses to challenging questions about the day's reading, and a prayer asking God for guidance through the issue at hand.
Simply Relevant: Relational Bible Series for Women--Singing
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
By Group Publishing

The Simply Relevant Bible study series makes it easy to introduce others to Jesus and strengthen lifelong relationships with him. Each session begins with a fun snack and time to mingle, and then women experience an activity that leads to an intriguing study.
Simply Relevant: Relational Bible Series for Women - Chocolate Boutique
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
By Group Publishing

The Simply Relevant Bible study series makes it easy to introduce others to Jesus and strengthen lifelong relationships with him. Each session begins with a fun snack and time to mingle, and then women experience an activity that leads to an intriguing study.
That Makes Two of Us: Lifestyle Mentoring for Women
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
By Connie Witt and Cathi Workman

Mentoring can happen when you simply go out for coffee, catch a movie, drive to the airport, visit a favorite store, or walk around your neighborhood. (Just think of anything two people can do together.)

Sound too easy to be true? It isn't.

Let God use you right now...just as you are.
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