Event Overview

Maker Fest: Fall Fun for Families

Creative fun with the Master Maker!

Try something new this fall... and give your kids much more than a sugar rush!

At Maker Fest, families tinker, invent, doodle, and create together! At each idea-sparking station, they’ll have a blast as they learn how their creative Master Maker made them for a unique purpose.

Kids need encouraging messages of truth and love to shape their identity... and Maker Fest helps them discover they’re God’s masterpiece!

And... as a bonus, Maker Fest is a great follow-up to Maker Fun Factory VBS—you can even use the same décor! If you didn’t do Maker Fun Factory VBS, no worries—it works well for any church’s fall activities.

Maker Fest is...

  • Easy for you—and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this amazing 2- to 3-hour event is in one convenient kit.
  • So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really... it happened at our field test!)
  • A great way to reach your community.
  • Works for any size church!

How It Works

Maker Fest is family fun for all ages!

Maker Fest Fall Fest Rotation Chart

Stations include:


Here families are greeted and each child receives a Creator’s Crate—a nifty box to keep his or her goodies and projects in throughout the event and to take home.


Wind and Weave

Kids weave a basket using a pre-cut frame and fabric, ribbon or yarn. They’ll also learn about Tinker the tiny Harvest Mouse and how God created her to weave a nest from grass. Kids will get a Tinker Buddy Tag here.

Wind & Weave

Smile and Snap

Families have their pictures taken with a variety of fun items—and then you’ll follow up after the event by mailing the photo and an invitation to return to your church.

Smile & Snap

Toss and Target

Kids make colorful launchers, then launch pom-poms or cotton balls at fun targets. So much fun!

Toss & Target

Tinker and Transform

Small windup motors are the starting point for toys kids get to make themselves. Kids can use templates that are provided or invent their own creation.

Tinker & Transform

Doodle and Design

Kids invent a story in a “Make Your Own Adventure” book. They get to write the story, draw the characters, and learn more about how Jesus can be their forever friend!

Doodle & Design

Sing and Stage

The Bible story of Creation happens here—along with lots of fun singing and making music. Music videos will play while kids do the motions or play along with instruments they’ve made—and your event Storyteller will engage everyone in the Bible story.

Sing & Stage

Brighten and Bedazzle

Kids will color or glue tactile items to three giant posters. It’s one big art project that everyone contributes to—and it sure looks cool when it’s done!

Brighten & Bedazzle

Make and Munch

Kids will select a few food items that can be used to create something, and when they’re done inventing they can eat their project. Yum!

Make & Munch

Mini Makers

Mini Makers will have special projects targeted at their skill level in a preschool-friendly area.

Mini Makers

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Maker Fest: MAKER-ific fun with the Master Maker

Fall is a great time to do something special at your church to kick off the new school year—and to reach out to your community!

At Maker Fest, kids tinker, invent, doodle, and create together! At each idea-sparking station, they learn about the Master Maker and discover they're God’s masterpiece!

Starter Kit Available March 2017

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan, prepare, and recruit for a safe, fun-filled Fall Fest outreach event. This kit includes fun samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow guides for the director, set-up & decorating, outreach, and leading the experiences at each of the stations.

Plus, you’ll find ideas on how to get families from your community to attend—and have them return after your event.

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Have fun creating a MAKER-ific environment for your Maker Fest!

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