Photo: a grouwn-up helps a little boy with a messy craft as they sit on a trap on the floor with other children engrossed in their own projects.
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Fall Festivals

Have a lasting impact with your Fall Festival!

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Fall Festivals are a great way to kick-off your school year.

Kids won’t just be collecting candy – they’ll be learning about Jesus! They’ll love the exciting games and activities, parents will love the safe and fun environment—and you’ll love seeing kids learn more about Jesus.

This 2-hour event is the perfect outreach program for any size church or community. Use as a fall kick-off, a follow-up to your VBS program (especially if you use Shipwrecked from Group), a Halloween alternative, a Harvest festival—any time you want a special event for kids of all ages and their families.

And…Treasure Hunt is the perfect follow-up to Group’s 2018 Easy VBS: Shipwrecked! But also works great after any VBS!

Treasure Hunt Starter Kit

ALL-NEW! | Treasure Hunt | Fall Fest 2018

Fall Fun for Families

At Treasure Hunt Fall Fest, kids and families uncover mystery messages, witness volcanic eruptions, and collect treasures along the way! This Fall Fest is also a great follow-up to Group’s 2018 Easy VBS: Shipwrecked.

Event Kit | $72.99

We’ve got you covered—YEAR ‘ROUND

Watch your ministry grow with Group’s easy-to-do Seasonal Events and VBS programs! Kids, their families, and your community will look forward to each one during these key seasons, and connect with your church—and God—in unique ways.