Event Overview

The Great Surprise – an Easter event for families

You’ll be doing something special this Easter to connect with your community and celebrate the season... so do something that maximizes your impact and points kids to Jesus!

At The Great Surprise, you’ll see parents actively engage with their children rather than sit on the sidelines of an Easter egg hunt. Thrill families as they discover in surprising ways — and maybe for the first time — that Jesus is alive!

Reach your church and community with this fun-filled event that focuses on Jesus — and draws them back to your church.

Great for ANY SIZE church!

Leaders will LOVE The Great Surprise:

  • It’s easy to plan
  • It’s easy to get volunteers
  • And... it’s easy to decorate!

How It Works

Families participate in surprising activities as they visit these engaging stations!

As families visit each station in any order, they’ll discover through fun experiences and activities that JESUS IS ALIVE!

Verticle Rotation Chart

Your guests will experience all this—and more...

Warm Welcome

A warm welcome as families are greeted and receive special Surprise Sacks to collect activity station goodies.

Warm Welcome

Amazing Animation

The Amazing Animation Station where everyone hears the Easter story in a clear, compelling way.

Amazing Animation

Confounding Creation

The Confounding Creation Station where guests tuck colorful powder into molds and watch the powder transform into bright, bouncy balls — a reminder of the surprise and joy of Jesus’ resurrection.

Confounding Creation

Extraordinary Energy

The Extraordinary Energy Station where energy sticks spring to life as participants’ grasp hands.

Extraordinary Energy

Fantastic Flotation

The Fantastic Flotation Station where kids and grown-ups guess what floats and what sinks, and every child gets a Bible Tag featuring a key Jesus-centered verse.

Fantastic Flotation

Fantabulous Foto

The Fantabulous Foto Station where silly props make for memorable family portraits.

Fantabulous Foto

Surprising Snacks

The Surprising Snacks Station where families pause for snacks and interact with the engaging Toss & Talk discussion-starter posters which give them surprising things to talk about while enjoying their snacks.

Surprising Snacks

Marvelous Mirascope

The Marvelous Mirascope Station where small items appear to float in the air.

Marvelous Mirascope

Every station points directly to Jesus... underscoring the ultimate Easter truth: Jesus is alive!

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The Great Surprise – an Easter event families remember!

Want something new for your kids this Easter? Something where their families can join in the fun?

Then the Great Surprise is a great choice for you and your church! This 1- to 2-hour event will delight kids and their families with surprising activities and special keepsakes that drive home the key point - Jesus is alive!

Your church and community will thank you for bringing them this engaging Easter program.

Starter Kit

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan, prepare, and recruit for your fun-filled Easter outreach event. This kit includes samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow guides for the director, set-up & decorating, outreach, and leading the experiences at each of the stations.

Plus, you’ll find ideas on how to get families from your community to attend—and have them return after your event.

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