Event Overview

This Easter season, you’ll meet kids and families you may never see again. Make sure they meet Jesus!

Bring Road to Resurrection to your church—the 2-3 hour, family-friendly event that gets families talking…and walking with Jesus! Scripture from the Gospels guide families through the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. Perfect for reaching out to your community during this key season when they are most open to the Gospel message.

During this ALL-NEW event, families travel the path Jesus journeyed. They'll taste the Passover meal, visit Barabbas in his jail cell, hear a Roman's soldier's remorse, and join in other powerful experiences.

Road to Resurrection is…

Easy to plan—because everything you need to plan your event is tucked into one convenient kit.

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Easy to get volunteers—you’ll need just a handful, and here’s where your storytellers and drama fans will shine!

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Easy to decorate—you’ll get quick-and-easy decorating ideas that instantly transform a few classrooms…a hallway…the corners of your church basement…anywhere…into key locations in Jesus’ resurrection story.

Road to Resurrection Lamb

How it Works

Families discover that Jesus is alive in powerful ways…

As they arrive, families join others to form groups of 15-20, and along with their Travel Guide journey through the Destinations below. (You may want to create a sign-up sheet prior to your event.) At each Destination, they experience powerful moments that surrounded the death and resurrection of Jesus. These Bible-times experiences will be enjoyed by ALL ages.

Road to Resurrection Station Rotation Chart: Seven wooden signs are lined up in a winding row in the following order: Welcome, The Triumphal Entry (Destination 1), The Passover Meal (Destination 2), The Prison (Destination 3), The Cross (Destination 4), The Joyful Road (Destination 5), Roadside Diner (Destination 6).

Learn more about each station

The Triumphal Entry Station Photo: The view over Jesus' shoulder as families happily wave their Praise Palms for his entry into Jerusalem.

As everyone awaits Jesus arrival to Jerusalem, they learn about the different names of Jesus. Each person chooses one name that has meaning to them and adds it to a Praise Palm they can wave as Jesus arrives!

The Triumphal Entry

The Passover Meal Station Photo: A girl and her father sit on the floor wait for the host to pass them a food dish.

Families meet a servant who has prepared and served the Passover meal for Jesus and his followers—and they’ll taste a few foods from the Passover meal and learn why these are so important.

The Passover Meal

The Prison Station Photo: A crowd of guests sit and listen as Barabas talks to them from a jail cell.

Families enter a dark jail cell, meet a guard, and hear from Barabbas—a prisoner who knows he doesn’t deserve to be set free. But will Jesus—or Barabbas—be released?

The Prison

The Cross Station Photo: A crowd of guests listen as a Roman sodier speaks to them in a dimly lit room.

Guests meet a Roman soldier who wonders if he did the right thing by being a part of Jesus’ road to the cross. They’ll receive a small cross made from nails and quietly reflect as they hear nails being hammered into a cross.

The Cross

The Joyful Road Station Photo: A young girl smiles as she places her cross made of nails on a chin around her neck.

Guests meet an exuberant Cleopas, who was on the road to Emmaus when he met Jesus. Through Cleopas they’ll discover Jesus has conquered death and is alive today.

The Joyful Road

Roadside Diner Station Photo: A child uses apples, toothpicks, and grapes to fashion an edible ship.

After guests move through all the Destinations, they’ll gather for snacks and conversation with other families. This is also a great opportunity to take pictures and give each family a Foto Frame.

Roadside Diner

Road to Resurrection Starter Kit

Road to Resurrection makes a lasting impact. Is engaging. And…draws families back to church and closer to God.

This 2-3 hour, multi-generational Easter event is filled with Bible-time experiences that will engage participants of all ages. They’ll discover details that led up to Jesus’ death, and what happened after he rose from the dead.

Along their journey, they’ll collect unique keepsakes to remind them that Jesus is alive and always with us.

Road to Resurrection Easter Event Kit Box

Starter Kit

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Inside this Starter Kit, you’ll find simple, step-by-step directions that give you everything you need to plan, prepare, and recruit for an impactful Easter outreach event. There are samples and easy-to-follow instructions for decorating, outreach, and leading your volunteers. You'll be thrilled at how fun and easy it is to create your very own Bible-times Easter experience –and reach out to families throughout your community with a minimum of volunteers

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