Keepsake Christmas

A Christmas Event for Families

Event Overview

Help families make meaningful Christmas memories TOGETHER!

During this engaging, one-hour, interactive program, families will hear a dramatic retelling of the Christmas story from cast members onstage. They’ll hear from Mary, Joseph, and an angel how the amazing events unfolded on that first Christmas.

Plus each guest will create his or her very own Keepsake nativity scene to cherish for years to come.

Keepsake Christmas is...

  • an easy way to reach out to families in your community.
  • easy on your budget — everything you need for planning your event is in this convenient kit.
  • easy to staff — you won’t need tons of volunteers.
  • great for any size church!
Keepsake Christmas Nativity Set

How It Works

Families experience the Christmas story as it unfolds before them.

After warmly welcoming families as they arrive, have them choose a table in front of the stage and settle in for a night of fun. Here they will...

  • hear Mary’s memories of traveling to Bethlehem, and reminisce about their family trips.
  • hear Joseph’s thoughts about when Jesus was born, and share stories of when their own children were born.
  • learn the meaning of Jesus’ name, and share how they got their names.
  • hear an angel’s memories and explore ways to celebrate Jesus this Christmas.
Keepsake Christmas Rotation Chart Vertical Layout

Be sure to have families also visit the Fireside Photo station to have a special photo taken to add to their memories of this special event!

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Keepsake Christmas — families making memories they’ll cherish for years to come!

Families will love hearing the Christmas story being told from the perspectives of Mary, Joseph, and an angel. And as they listen, each character will guide them through the creation of their very own nativity set. These keepsakes will be treasured as families bring them out year after year and go through the Memory Keeper family devotion booklet.

Works great for all size churches and all ages.

Keepsake Christmas Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Inside you’ll find simple, step-by-step directions that give you everything you’ll need to plan, prepare, decorate, and recruit for your Keepsake Christmas event. Plus, you’ll get tools to help get kids and their families from your community to attend—and keep them coming back!

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