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Take critical steps to keep your church safe. With church background checks, safety training videos, great customer service and more, the church security resources provided within the Shepherd’s Watch Basic Membership are essentials for today’s church.


Keep Church Safe with Shepherd's Watch Basic Membership

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Shepherd's Watch Background Checks is your partner in keeping your church safe.

Shepherd's Watch knows the church. And we love the church, too! We help thousands of churches and organizations keep their kids, youth, and at-risk adults safe with church background checks. We want to help you, too!

Choose us with confidence. Shepherd's Watch is a subsidiary of Group Publishing. We have been providing background reports to churches for more than a decade. Our processes, products, and solutions have made Shepherd's Watch the choice for church background checks. *To ensure your church is credentialed in a timely manner, it's important that you fill out the application in its entirety and with accurate information. The most common reason an application is delayed is due to missing and/or incorrect information.

Only available in the United States.

Product Detail

With Shepherd's Watch, you can count on:

  • Federally compliant background checks (FCRA)
  • Free re-certification on all criminal records
  • Free e-Vite to send to applicants and volunteers to securely complete their own background check consents/orders
  • Integration with church management systems
  • No hidden fees!
  • Customer service representatives familiar with church volunteer screening.

The Shepherd's Watch Basic Membership gives you access to the background check system and sets you up with our partner. Once you've completed your purchase of the activation fee, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to the Shepherd's Watch site, as well as instructions for completing an application to become credentialed. The application process is required to verify that your church has the proper security for storing the sensitive information included in a background check. Once your church is credentialed, you can begin ordering background checks immediately.

What's Included

With Shepherd's Watch Basic Membership you will receive:

  • Access to run background checks
  • Monthly safety newsletter with information about church security resources
  • Videos for volunteer safety training, covering topics like ways to avoid and spot sexual abuse and safety basics for children, youth, and at-risk adults. Send these videos out to your team!
  • Articles and forms to use for your staff and volunteers.

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Shepherd's Watch Basic Membership