Help! How Do I Read the Bible?
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A portable, practical guide that makes Bible-reading something you WANT to do.
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By Mikal Keefer

Go from reading the Bible because you should…
…to reading it because you want to.
Help! How Do I Read the Bible? strips away complicated study lessons and theological lingo common in Bible-reading guides and reveals a simpler truth: Reading the Bible is about discovering God's heart. When we know why we're reading and who we're reading about, the how falls naturally into place.
You will experience…
  • A guilt-free approach to reading the Bible that builds momentum over time.
  • Practical Bible-reading tips shared by real people.
  • Helpful guidance for selecting easy-to-use study tools.
  • Principles for Bible-reading that steer you away from confusion and misinterpretation.
Easy to gift! Help! How Do I Read the Bible? is part of a new Jesus-centered series of practical guides that make natural gifts for adults and teens wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Collect and share the whole set!

88 pages
5" x 7" softcover

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Q: How many weeks is this designed for? Is this designed as a 3-week curriculum? 4?
Asked : Mar 05, 2018
By : Theo, Hilmar, CA
A: There are 19 short chapters in this book. It's not designed as a curriculum but more of a personal use item. You could use it in a class setting if you would like. I would encourage you to take a look at the sample chapter provided on this page. Please click on the green tab above the picture of the book that says "Download Sample" This will give you a good look at a chapter and how it is laid out.
Answered : Mar 06, 2018
By : Robin
Q: Will this be available in ebook format? I would love to be able to download a copy.
Asked : Feb 06, 2018
By : Amber, Texas
A: Yes! These books will be available late February in eBook format. Please stay tuned!
Answered : Feb 07, 2018
By : Robin

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