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Exploring God's Gift of Grace
is a 4-week multi-media lesson pack that helps elementary-age kids gain a deeper understanding of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice so we can have eternal life with God. They'll explore the reality of Jesus' gift to us and what it means for our lives.
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FREE ADMISSION: 4-Week Multi-Media Lesson Pack contains 4 full-bodied lessons that let kids gain a deeper understanding of Jesus' sacrifice for our eternal life and what it means for all of us.

Each of these 4 Bible-based lessons is packed with fun, relational activities, engaging learning experiences, and thought-provoking discussion prompts that will help deepen kids' faith.

Lesson topics:
  • Everyone Doesn't Go to Heaven
  • God Sacrificed for Our Forgiveness
  • Good Works Are Not Enough
  • Only Jesus Offers an Eternal Gift

This versatile 4-Week Lesson Pack includes…
  • 4 Complete, Bible-based lessons
  • 4 Parent Pages to give parents a starting point to talk with their kids about what they learned or discovered
  • Teaching Video to illustrate lesson points and let kids explore faith points more deeply
  • Countdown Video for the start of each lesson time
  • Graphics Pack with lesson helps, plus publicity tools and media templates so you can spread the word about your series.
FREE ADMISSION is part of the KidMin Quick Pick Series: Lesson Packs and More for Anytime Ministry.  Click here to learn more and download samples!
This is a downloadable file (zip). 430 MB. 

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Perfect for mixed-age classes of elementary kids. Lessons are flexible and can be adapted to a variety of classroom formats.

Each of these four lessons comes complete with: 
  • Key Scriptures—Teach kids specific verses from God's Word that reinforce the lesson.
  • Bible Basis for Teachers—Help teachers get a quick grasp of the Scriptures in the lesson.
  • The Lesson at a Glance—Give teachers an overview of the lesson.
  • Opening Activity—Help kids relate, have fun, and get ready to dive deeper into their faith.
  • Bible Study—Open deeper discussion on the Scriptures as kids learn what it means to them personally through engaging and thought-provoking experiences.
  • Small-Group Bible Study—Kids work closely with their peers in a small group as they explore the Scriptures.
  • Parent Pages—Provide parents with insights about what their kids learned—and help them continue the discussion at home.
Use Free Admission: 4-Week Lesson Pack to teach meaningful Bible lessons to kids, help them discover deeper faith, and discover more about Jesus' eternal gift to us.
This download includes these customized FREE ADMISSION resources:

4 Complete Bible-based Lessons
4 Parent Pages
Teaching Video - "Featherweight"
Fun Countdown Video for the start of each lesson time
Plus, Graphics Pack with the following:
  • Promotional Poster (11x17)
  • Editable Bulletin Insert
  • 2 Slides (for lessons notes, points, or promotions)
  • Email Header
  • Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Images

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Q: Would free admission be a could to use around easter? can you shed any light on which 4 stories are included?
Asked : Feb 20, 2018
By : scott, US
A: You certainly could use this around the Easter Season. Please be sure to read through the Overview provided on this page for the lesson topics. Here are is a list of the key scriptures explored. Lesson 1: Matt 7:13-14; Rom 5:20-21 and 6:23; Isaiah 59:1-2. For Lesson 2: Romans 3:23; 6:23; Leviticus 1:1-4; Hebrews 9:22; 10:1-10; Ephesians 2:1-5. For Lesson 3: Psalm 14:2-3; Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:21-28; Hebrews 11:6; Ephesians 2:8-9. For Lesson 4: John 1:6-13; Romans 10:9-13.
Answered : Feb 20, 2018
By : Robin
Q: WinZip required to use? Hi - I purchased this curriculum and downloaded it via the email link. However when I try to open the download, I get a pop-up that I must purchase a program called WinZip in order to open the file. Nothing in the product description mentioned that an additional program is necessary.
Asked : Oct 15, 2017
By : Naomi, United States
A: Hi Naomi, Your computer is just trying to unzip the files and Win Zip should allow you to do a free trial so you can unzip the files. Feel free to chat with us and we can get you all set! I will also try to email the files to you without zipping (compressing) them.
Answered : Oct 16, 2017
By : Nate

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