VBS PRO Premium
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Easiest and most effective way to manage your children's events!
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Introducing the all-new, completely redesigned VBS PRO®

VBS PRO is an online event management system that makes directing any VBS amazingly simple. Now you can devote your energy to more important things--like introducing kids to Jesus!

With the Premium version you will be able to access:
•Multi-events: Create and host multiple events at one time including the ability to host simultaneous events. 
•Event Saving: Maintain access to all your past events. All the setup and registration data for past events will be just a click away. 
•Event Copying: Save valuable setup time when creating new events. Just click "copy" to replicate the configuration of any past event. 
•Auto Assign: This powerful feature lets you automatically assign kids to crews based on grade or mixed grade. It even creates crews on the fly saving you valuable time. Crew assignment has never been easier. 
Your VBS PRO Premium purchase will provide you with the premium access code to unlock this powerful feature set giving you access to the premium features for one full year from the date you enter the code. 

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Q: On two of my custom fields I selected that they are "yes/no" fields but a "yes/no" box doesnt show up on the registrration form. Is there a way to show the "yes/no" so it can be selected? Thank you.
Asked : Mar 28, 2018
By : Lisa, Decatur, AL
A: Our Product Support team will email you shortly with this answer. Please contact them directly at Productsupport@group.com or via phone at 1-800-975-4006 for further specific questions on your VBS Pro Premium account. Thank you.
Answered : Mar 28, 2018
By : Robin
Q: Can you change Grades to Ages using the standard version or the Premium version? Thank you.
Asked : Mar 26, 2018
By : Lisa, Decatur, AL
A: You can't. Sorry. The way the crew building works it needs a grade. You could always add a custom question of age though.
Answered : Mar 27, 2018
By : Nate

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