Wildly Creative Puzzles With a Point
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52 Faith-Builders for Children's Ministry
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By Ali Thompson

All kids love puzzles! And now, you can take the busywork out of puzzles and instead give kids an experience that makes them think and sparks faith growth. You'’ll never think of puzzles in the same way once your kids grapple with the challenges in these pages. Each of the 52 wildly reinvented puzzles in this book is tied to a Bible passage you can add to a lesson to help kids dig deeper into the topic. Here'’s how it works…:
  • Each puzzle is based on a Bible passage, which makes it easy for you to tie it to a lesson.
  • Each puzzle emphasizes at least two faith-building themes. The puzzles are labeled with faith-building themes so you’'re equipped to help kids understand the point.
  • The puzzles themselves become an experience that helps kids dive into their faith rather than passively do fill-in-the-blank time-fillers.
  • The pages in this book are reproducible, so no matter how many kids you have, everyone can join in the experience.
  • There’'s a lot of variety. Throughout this book, you'’ll find a whopping 41 different types of puzzles—so kids will never be bored.
  • Each puzzle leads to discussion. We've provided great thought-provoking questions that will help kids unpack the point of each puzzle.
With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, these brain-twisting experiences are sure to be a hit. And they'’re great for when the sermon runs over or the lesson runs short. Kids will love this new spin on puzzles that helps cement the Bible point and grow their faith.
144 pages
8.5" x 11" softcover

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Q: Can we make copies for each child from one book? Copies
Asked : Jan 10, 2017
By : Debbie, Longwood, Florida
A: The puzzle page will have "Ok to copy" on the side or the bottom of the page. Any page that has that written on it, is alright for you to make as many copies as you need for your students.
Answered : Jan 10, 2017
By : Robin
Q: What ages are these geared towards? Need age these are for
Asked : Oct 24, 2016
By : Lisa, Nebraska
A: In this resource, there are eight puzzles for Preschool ages, 15 for Lower Elementary, 19 for Upper Elementary, and 10 for mixed Upper and Lower Elementary ages.
Answered : Oct 24, 2016
By : Robin

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