Grapple Pak Volume 2 - Winter
Item 9781470704476
Help preteens grapple with the real questions in their lives.
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Grapple® Preteen Sunday School—--Help preteens grapple with the real questions in their lives so they OWN their faith.

NEW Grapple features:
  • NEW lower price
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - all lessons are on the DVD!
  • Power-packed PARENT PAGES are on the DVD!
Help 4th –- 6th graders OWN their faith...
Somewhere between leaving childhood behind and treading wide-eyed into the teenage years lurk a thousand bewildering questions. Preteens need the truth. Grapple helps them find it--and build a relationship with Jesus that'll last.

Kids will grapple with these questions:

Relationships: Best Friends Forever
  • Why Do Some People Have More Friends?
  • Am I Only Supposed to Be Friends With Christians?
  • Do I Have to Like Everybody?
  • Why Are My Friends So Mean Sometimes?
 Faith Questions: Bible – Fact or Fiction?
  • Did God Really Write the Bible?
  • How Do I Know if the Bible Is True?
  • How Is the Bible Different From Other Books?
  • Why Should the Bible Matter to Me?
Choices: What’s the Point?
  • Why Did God Create Me?
  • How Come I'm Not Perfect?
  • Why Didn't God Make Us Like Robots?
  • What Does God Want From Me?
These lessons—based on real questions asked by real 10- to 12-year-olds—grab their attention and don't let go. Kids will learn how to search the Bible for answers and build a faith foundation that guides their relationship with Jesus.
112 pages
5.5" x 7.75" softcover
This Grapple Pak gives you:
  • 12 irresistible Bible studies that encourage kids to explore the truth with their heads and their hearts (lessons are customizable and reproducible).
  • 3 thought-provoking videos to get your preteens thinking and talking.
  • 3 countdown videos.
  • 12 Grapple Dares that challenge kids to apply what they'’ve learned.
  • 12 Parent Pages you can customize or send as is.
  • 12 outrageously fun games preteens will love!
Being a preteen may not be easy. But it can be a rich time of faith growth. Discover God's truth together with kids. Give them a faith that soars!

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Q: Is it possible to just download the digital resource for this without having to ship over the whole product? I am looking to use this material for my small group. However, I am only looking for the digital copy and do not need the physical book or DVD. Also am running short of time so it would be faster to print and have someone else print it out for me. Thanks!
Asked : Nov 27, 2017
By : Joel B, Singapore
A: We do not have this product available for purchase in a digital download format. Please check with our International Distributors. This is our International Distributor located in Singapore. SKS Retail (bookshop): 315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, #09-03, S(169074) Tel: 62279700 Fax: 62214595
Answered : Nov 28, 2017
By : Robin
Q: Am I able to just purchase another book for my other leader instead of the entire set. Also if so how much would another book be? Looking to give another copy to another leader
Asked : Sep 24, 2017
By : Gayle, Ottawa
A: We do not have the books available for separate purchase. However, each Title comes with permission to reproduce the book by using the files for the Leader's Guide located on the CD-ROM that comes in your package. It is available on that disk in either PDF or Word format. Also your Student Pages are included there as well.
Answered : Sep 25, 2017
By : Robin

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