Amazing Science Devotions for Children's Ministry
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Science lessons used to reveal the wonders of God. Use everyday observations like popping corn and rainbows to connect kids with God's wonderful world. These lessons can be used anywhere -- children's sermons, Sunday school, midweek programs, clubs -- to give kids' faith a boost and help them learn about God!
"How is a rainbow formed?" "Why are my fingerprints different from anyone else’s?"

"What makes popcorn pop?"

Kids are fascinated by the way the world works, and they love to learn about the science behind everyday phenomena. Kids especially enjoy experimenting with objects and scientific properties as they discover firsthand how these things work. This natural fascination is a wonderful jumping-off place to help kids learn about God’s power and his plan for each of his children.

You may have wondered how to tap into this natural fascination. Amazing Science Devotions for Children’s Ministry is your answer!

Each of these ten- to fifteen-minute devotions gives kids a "wow!" experience as they learn more about the incredible world God created. Many of the devotions allow kids to get involved in the action right along with the teacher. Then, through solid discussion, kids discover more about the powerful God who created the whole universe and cares greatly for each of them.

The devotions in Amazing Science Devotions for Children’s Ministry make great children’s sermons, fun Sunday school lesson introductions, or excellent activities any time you want to give kids’ faith a little boost while indulging their natural curiosity about how and why things work.

Kids will experience many different areas of scientific exploration in Amazing Science Devotions for Children’s Ministry, including biology and the natural world; physics; earth science properties of gravity, magnetism, and light; and lots more.

Each devotion includes clear instructions and explanations, and you’ll need only a few easy-to-obtain supplies for each one...

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Q: Are these devotions appropriate for preschoolers aged 2 - 4? I am in charge of integrating Jesus into our preschool curriculum and am looking for more ways to include Jesus with science activities. It's hard to find age appropriate lessons for preschoolers.
Asked : Sep 12, 2016
By : KHSinGA, Alpharetta, GA
A: This resource would be a little advanced for the age you are working with. It is best used with Pre K - Elementary age children.
Answered : Sep 12, 2016
By : Robin