Simply Loved Bible Story Posters - Quarter 2 
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Beautiful and vibrant posters visually representing the key Bible story from each of the Simply Loved Quarter 2 lessons.
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Bring every Simply Loved Sunday school lesson to life with the Simply Loved Bible Story Posters. These powerful and vivid posters serve as a visual representation of each week’s Bible lesson and reinforce the Bible truth being learned each week. Plus, they’re beautiful enough to be used as decoration around the room.

Each Simply Loved Bible Story Poster package contains 12 individual posters (17 in x 22 in).

One pack is included in each Simply Loved Quarter 2 Sunday school curriculum kit. Get extras for additional classrooms.

Quarter 2 includes Bible Story posters for each of these Sunday school lessons for kids:  
Week 1: Joseph Annoys His Brothers
Week 2: Joseph Goes to Jail 
Week 3: God Helps Joseph Interpret Dreams 
Week 4: Joseph Forgives His Brothers  
Week 5: Moses Is Rescued by Pharaoh’s Daughter  
Week 6: Moses Talks to God at a Burning Bush
Week 7: God Spares the Israelites at Passover   
Week 8: The Israelites Cross the Red Sea
Week 9: Jesus Is Born
Week 10: Jesus Calms a Storm 
Week 11: Jesus Forgives the Thief on the Cross 
Week 12: Jesus Comes Back to Life

Simply Loved is a revolutionary Sunday school curriculum for kids that takes the complication out of recruiting, gathering supplies, and teaching lessons so you and your volunteers can get back to what matters most--helping kids learn to love God and each other.

To learn more about how Simply Loved makes Sunday school simpler for you and your volunteers--all while helping kids discover key Bible lessons--visit the Simply Loved website

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