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This series answers a lot of the "why" questions that we get from students when it comes to the way that we run our high school ministry. Not only does it introduce students to the 5 different purposes (REACH, CONNECT, GROW, DISCOVER, HONOR) of the church, but it also educates students as to who each purpose is intended to reach (COMMUNITY, CROWD, CONGREGATION, COMMITTED, CORE).

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Week 1 - Community and Friendship Evangelism
God designed the plan of salvation to be dependent on Christians spreading the Word. In this first message of the series about why we do what we do, Doug explains a simple plan made up of baby-steps for high school students to use to lead their friends to Christ. This message makes evangelism doable for students.

Week 2 - Crowd and Weekend Worship Services
We were created to worship God. The good news is that there are many ways we can do it. Many students shy away from worshipping God because they have a narrow view of what it means to worship. This message broadens the scope of worship for students in hopes that it will free them to worship God in every area of their lives.

Week 3 - Congregation and Area Bible Studies
We were made to do life together. There is a deep emptiness that Christians and non-Christians alike feel when they don't have a group of friends. In this message, Doug stresses the importance of having a small group of other believers who students can meet weekly with for accountability and spiritual growth.

Week 4 - Committed and Discipleship HABITS
The Christian life is about a relationship with Christ, not completion of duties. In this sermon, Doug helps students understand how to move from knowing about Christ to knowing Christ on a personal level. He introduces six habits that students can develop to bolster their spiritual growth. The goal of these habits is to form a firm foundation that is not reliant on a person or a program.

Week 5 - Core and Ministry Leadership
When God designed each one of us, He gave us unique talents and spiritual gifts. A joy of being a Christian is figuring out how God wants us to use these gifts and talents to serve others. This sermon will help your students see the bigger picture of their faith... taking what God gave them and using it in ministry.

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