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Outreach Strategies for Youth Ministry

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Create a youth ministry culture that results in a Jesus-centered missional identity for outreach and service.

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Course Overview

Outreach in youth ministry is often viewed as a choice between evangelism and service. But when you weave those two together in a Jesus-centered ministry environment, they create unstoppable spiritual growth in teenagers.

In this youth ministry training online course you’ll discover how to engage your youth in service, mission, and evangelism, but in a fresh, natural way. A way that draws them closer to Jesus and to one another. A way that introduces them to a Jesus who’s bigger than they thought and a life that’s bigger than they dreamed possible.

Through this youth ministry training online course, you’ll gain valuable insights about how to create bold, caring, compassionate youth who step outside their comfort zones to willingly serve and share their faith.

Course Outline

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Meetcourse instructors Dave Rahn, Senior Ministry Advisor for Youth ForChrist USA, and Ebonie Davis, Associate Pastor of Youth and contributing editor for the Three-Story Bible. Their dedicated years of in-the-trenches youth ministry will inspire you on this journey.

Module 1. The Branch in the Vine

Jesus made it clear that we are the branches, and he is the Vine. Fruit comes from attachment to Jesus. This is what outreach is really all about—producing fruit that can be identified as “belonging to Jesus,” and producing lots of that kind of fruit. We’ll examine what we call “Identifier Fruit” and “Kingdom Fruit.”

Module 2. The Community Approach to Outreach

Depending on each other is exponentially more powerful when invitingothers into a community, and it’s the plan Jesus laid out for us. Relational approaches to outreach help youth realize their “completeness” to release the gift of Jesus to others.

Module 3. The Power of the Always-On Camera

None of us can be “artificially attractive” in our relationship with Jesus—because there are too many cameras focused on who we really are. Our attractiveness for Christ depends on how we reflect our attachment toJesus. This module will examine the importantrole of modeling faith, and the common obstacles and boosters offaith-sharing.

Module 4. An Explorer’s Discovery Circles

An authentic Christ-sharing relationship has three overlapping circles: my story, your story, and God’s story. When there’s significant overlap with all three circles the affect is like an elector-magnet. We’ll show you how!

Module 5. A Friend’s Vital Gifts

Young people who are most effective at reaching others for Christ do three things more often than their peers. We’ll walk-thru each of these three “lifestyle booker-rockets” to help you train your youth to achieve amazing outreach impact.

Module 6. Light’s Wild Diversity

The range of possible outreach strategies far exceeds any one person’s capacity, but Jesus is the Light of the world and he specializes in three forms of “light” that meld evangelism and service. We’ll examine these three different kinds of love and the relational impact it will have on others.

Module 7. Wrap Up

Equipped with new insights into how outreach is the fruit of a growing intimacy with Jesus, you’re ready to make outreach simply a normal, organic expression of an everyday life with Jesus. Download your course completion and move forward with a renewed energy for youth outreach strategies.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Why outreach and evangelism is a marathon, not a sprint.

A three-stage “launch vehicle” approach to evangelism.

Evangelism effectiveness with a peer-to-peer focus.

How to engage teenagers in settings that are far outside their comfort zones and reach out to people whose problems are beyond their ability to solve.

Methods to help teens discover what God is already doing, then partner with him in doing it.

U Will

Create a youth ministry culture that results in a Jesus-centered missional identity for outreach and service.

About the Instructors

Dave Rahn

Dave Rahn is the Senior Ministry Advisor for Youth For Christ USA. He joined the faculty of Huntington University in 1985, where he taught youth ministry for more than two decades. He’s leveraged his Purdue research degree (PhD) to make sense of adolescent influence, youth evangelism effectiveness, urban indigenous leaders and–most recently–explore how joy in their relationship with Jesus is a faith authenticator for young people. His most recent book is Evangelism Remixed: Empowering Students for Courageous and Contagious Faith, and he’s a contributing editor for the Three-Story Bible.

Ebonie Davis

Ebonie Davis is a prominent voice in the world of ethnic diversity and Christian youth work. She conducted the most recent national multi-city study of church ministries known for best practices of racially diverse ministry. She was a co-researcher in the national Indigenous Urban Ministry Leadership study conducted by YFC/USA's City Life division. She's a contributing editor for the Three-Story Bible. She's served as the Associate Pastor of Youth at a church in Maryland for 10 years.

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