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Gain practical skills to use when responding to the challenges kids and families face today.

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Course Overview

When sad times come, how equipped are you to help children in your ministry cope? In this children’s ministry leadership training course you’ll explore hurts that kids and their families carry, and consider effective ways to come alongside families who need help. You’ll develop Jesus-centered strategies for how you and your ministry leaders can offer unconditional love, peace, and hope during challenging times.

Course Outline

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Meet course instructor Dr. Joseph White, Clinical Child and Family Psychologist. His background in church ministry and board certification to train therapists for work with child abuse victims will help you discover the unique role you play in helping hurting kids and their families. He’ll equip you with the tools to be effective as you come alongside families who need help.

Module 1. Why Kids Hurt

Kids might be hurting today for many different reasons. We’ll examine the issues that can be especially challenging for kids today and discover the opportunities you have to show God’s love in the midst of their pain.

Module 2. Signs That Kids Are Hurting

Sometimes it’s easy to identify when a child is hurting, but sometimes we don’t notice at all. This module will help you recognize the signs that a child in your ministry might be struggling.

Module 3. Supportive Conversations

We help hurting kids when we know how to talk with them about what’s going on. Knowing how to establish a relationship that builds trust and communicates support is critical in making a difference. We’ll show you how to have supportive conversations with children and their parents. You’ll learn attentive listening and skills to facilitate deeper level conversations.

Module 4. Creating a Supportive Environment for Hurting Kids

The Church should be the one place where all kids feel welcome, supported, and loved. When kids are hurting, we need to be intentional about offering environments where kids can express their feelings. You’ll gain some practical ways to facilitate conversations and ways to deal with challenging behaviors.

Module 5. Boundaries and Self-Care

When you plant seeds of faith in good soil, it’s God through the holy spirit who makes it grow. Discover how you can recognize signs of a successful crop as you explore 10 “good soils” for learning today.

Reflect and Renew

You’re now ready to capture kids’ attention, keep them engaged, give them a solid understanding of God’s Word, and encourage life-changing relationships with Jesus. Download your course completion award and determine next steps for your ministry.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Common and not-so-common worries that kids face today.

Strategies for coming alongside kids with special needs.

Do’s and Don’ts for helping families in crisis.

U Will

Gain practical skills to use when responding to the challenges kids and families face today.

About the Instructor

Joseph White

Dr. Joseph White is a Clinical Child and Family Psychologist and religious education editor in Austin, Texas. His work has included counseling children and families after traumatic events and consultation with schools and churches after natural disasters and acts of terrorism. He is Board Certified in Sexual Abuse by the American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress and certified by the American Psychological Association to train therapists for work with child victims of violence. Joseph previously worked as a director of children’s ministry. He is the author of eleven books, including Listening for God in Everyday Life (2020) and Burnout Busters: Stress Management for Ministry(2007).

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