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Classroom Management: From Control to Cooperation

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Course Overview

Stressed out and overwhelmed by unruly, out-of-control, or disrespectful kids? Fed up and ready to lay down the law to gain control? Wait! There’s a better way to discipline children, and it’s not about control; it’s about cooperation. Through this course for family ministry leaders, you’ll learn techniques to manage ministry environments based on the Golden Rule. You’ll discover how to create and maintain an age-appropriate environment of cooperation and friendship. You’ll gain fresh techniques for keeping kids’ attention, working with multiple ages, and helping kids make Bible discoveries that stick!

Course Outline

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Charity Kauffman knows children’s ministry inside and out, first as a student, then as a leader, and now as a resource creator and volunteer. Her joy in befriending kids and sharing Jesus’ unconditional love will inspire you to more intentionally grow friendship with children in your life.

Module 1. A Biblical Basis for Classroom Management

Discover a biblical approach to discipline to deepen kids’ friendships with you and with Jesus. Explore discipline dynamics that balance friendship with respect. Recognize critical “moments” when responding to discipline challenges and understand Jesus-centered qualities when dealing with disruptive behaviors.

Module 2. Behavior Is Communication

Understanding behavior is the key to classroom management. Learn the five steps to behavior support and what disruptive behaviors may be telling you. Through real-life scenarios you’ll recognize how to redirect kids to other behaviors that fulfill their needs in a more positive and cooperative way.

Module 3. Giving Kids a Helping Hand

Learn how to reframe your classroom rules so they serve as boundaries for your children’s ministry and let kids know expected behaviors. You’ll explore how to establish class values and implement them to prevent disruptions. Uncover proven discipline techniques that heal…not hurt. Plus, learn age-appropriate ways to respond to kids’ behaviors.

Module 4. Golden Rule Teaching

Examine the characteristics of learner-based classrooms and discover how the Golden Rule helps teachers cooperate with kids, rather than control them. Discover 10 ways to keep kids engaged, used by effective classroom managers. Learn the power of positive reinforcement.

Module 5. Developing a Team Approach to Discipline

Discover a strategic approach to work together with parents, volunteers, and staff for classroom success. Learn what you can and can’t control, and receive a Teacher Preparation List to make sure you’re ready every time you step into a classroom.

Module 6. Wrap Up

Equipped with new skills and resources to manage classroom behaviors, you’re now ready to create effective learning environments for Jesus to transform kids’ lives.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Techniques to manage classrooms based on the Golden Rule.

How to create and maintain an age-appropriate environment of cooperation.

Fresh techniques for keeping kids’ attention.

U Will

Implement relational-style classroom management skills that dramatically increase learning effectiveness.

About the Instructor

Charity Kauffman

Meet Charity Kauffman, managing editor in Group’s children’s ministry department and resident million-watt-smile mood-lifter at Group Publishing. She holds a master’s degree in children’s and family ministry from Bethel Seminary and has led children’s ministries in churches for many years, including her current role as a kidmin volunteer at her church.

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