Children's Ministry Course

Partnering With Parents to Build Faith in Families

Coming May 2019

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Course Overview

Frustrated by family ministry? You want to partner with parents, but it doesn’t feel like a two-way street. In this course, you’ll get a pulse on family life today and discover how ministry leaders like you can come alongside parents to help faith permeate all of family life—far beyond a ministry hour on Sundays. You’ll draft a practical, doable game plan for equipping parents to lead the way in helping their kids grow in friendship with Jesus. Plus, you’ll encounter fresh ideas that energize your existing family ministry efforts and inspire new ones—all with the goal of bringing families closer to Jesus and each other.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Challenges that families face today.

Ideas for how the Bible can permeate everyday family life.

A game plan for partnering with parents that includes giving choices, active learning, collaboration, and fearless conversations.

U Will

Understand and respond to families in your church so, together, you can grow friendship with Jesus.

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