Youth Ministry Course

Outreach Strategies for Youth Ministry

Coming August 2019

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Course Overview

Outreach in youth ministry is often viewed as a choice between evangelism and service. But when you weave those two together in a Jesus-centered ministry environment, they create unstoppable spiritual growth in teenagers.

In this course you’ll discover how to engage your youth in service, mission, and evangelism, but in a fresh, natural way. A way that draws them closer to Jesus and to one another. A way that introduces them to a Jesus who’s bigger than they thought and a life that’s bigger than they dreamed possible.

You’ll gain valuable insights about how to create bold, caring, compassionate youth who step outside their comfort zones to willingly serve and share their faith.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Why outreach and evangelism is a marathon, not a sprint.

A three-stage “launch vehicle” approach to evangelism.

Evangelism effectiveness with a peer-to-peer focus.

How to engage teenagers in settings that are far outside their comfort zones and reach out to people whose problems are beyond their ability to solve.

Methods to help teens discover what God is already doing, then partner with him in doing it.

U Will

Understand how to call teenagers to evangelism and activism as they pursue a Jesus-centered missional identity.

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