Youth Ministry Course

Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry

Rick Lawrence
Coming April 2019

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Course Overview

Harsh news: Fresh research confirms that practices used by nearly every youth ministry on the planet subtly ease Jesus out of the spotlight and into the shadows. Which means your well-intentioned strategies for prompting spiritual growth in your youth group might actually be fatally flawed.

Good news: When your ministry’s everyday practices, strategies, and activities all orbit around Jesus, everything changes. Your teenagers discover who Jesus really is—and who they really are. Students grow, deepen, and find their true identity in Jesus.

In this course you’ll discover how to craft a ministry that magnetically draws teenagers into an abiding, nurturing, challenging, life-changing friendship with Jesus.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

The real root of the “church dropout” problem.

How to create a ministry environment that focuses on attachment.

“Beeline practices” to immerse students in a more trusting, risk-taking, and consuming relationship with Jesus.

Ways to help teenagers discover their true identity in Jesus.

U Will

Learn practices that will help young people deepen their attachment to Jesus.

About the Instructor

Rick Lawrence

Rick Lawrence is an author, ministry leader, and longtime executive editor of Group’s Simply Youth Ministry resources. He’s led the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and co-creates the 50-city Simply Youth Ministry Local Training tour. He’s the general editor of the best-selling Jesus-Centered Bible and is the author, co-author, or editor of 38 books.

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