Online Children's Ministry Course

How Kids Learn

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Coming September 2019

Course Overview

What makes a lesson great? Is it the teacher? The topic? The supplies? Or might it be the kids themselves? When you discover how kids learn best, every lesson becomes impactful and memorable. In this training course for children’s ministry workers you’ll explore how being a learner-based leader taps into kids’ strengths and can deepen their friendship with Jesus. You’ll learn how to capture kids’ attention, keep them engaged, give them a solid understanding of God’s Word, and encourage a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Characteristics of 21st Century learners.

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

How your personal “smarts” impact your approach to leading children in family ministry.

U Will

Recognize how kids’ and leaders’ learning styles impact and inspire ministry to children.

Ministry Certification

If you complete three online Church Leadership courses and three Children's Ministry courses, you'll receive a Children's Ministry Certification from Group U.

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