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Helping Hurting Teenagers

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Coming December 2019

Course Overview

In this student ministry leadership training course, you’ll learn how to engage your teenagers in deeper conversations the kind of conversations that uncover real-life struggles and wounds.

You’ll discover in this online youth ministry training how to maximize your unique role in the lives of your students, becoming the committed friend and gentle counselor who—like Jesus—invites rather than pushes. You’ll gain the practical skills and insight needed to be effective in times of crisis and build a youth ministry that creates natural entry ramps into the stories and lives of students.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

How to build a student ministry that initiates and connects.

How to build a student ministry that honors the sacred realities of young people through the portal of intentional relationships.

How to build a student ministry that naturally creates opportunities to enter into the stories of teenagers.

How to build a student ministry that always points to the great healer, Jesus.

U Will

In this online youth ministry training, discover how to represent Jesus to teenagers and build a student ministry that reflects how he approached, honored, and cared for those he longed to redeem.

Ministry Certification

If you complete three online Church Leadership courses and three Youth Ministry courses, you'll receive a Youth Ministry certification from Group U.

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