Children's Ministry Course

Cultivating Courage in Kids

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Course Overview

The world can be a scary place for kids. But what if our cultural obsession with safety is actually keeping kids from cultivating the courage they need to face hard and scary things? This course helps ministry leaders grapple with the tension between keeping kids safe and equipping kids and their families to boldly cultivate courage in Jesus.

You’ll explore key fears that are prevalent in our culture and ministries, and then discover how Jesus gives courage to move through those fears. And you’ll explore practical ways to create a ministry environment that cultivates courage in Jesus.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

How Jesus’ words to his disciples compare with messages we tell kids today.

How safety and security procedures lead to ministry opportunities in your church.

How to design a fearless physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual environment for kids and families.

U Will

Design a fearless environment for children’s ministry where kids can cultivate courage with Jesus by their side.

About the Instructor

Charity Kauffman

Charity Kauffman is a managing editor in Group’s children’s ministry department. She holds a master’s in children and family ministry from Bethel Seminary and has led children’s ministries in small, medium, and large churches. Charity is passionate about learning from kids and empowering them to use their gifts and abilities to glorify God.

Charity Kauffman